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Yamaha TDM 900 For sale

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. *****SOLD*********

    Hi guys,

    My beautiful TDM 900 is now on the market (looking to replace her with a more hoon like Street Triple or similar!.

    The facts:
    2006 Yamaha TDM 900
    Registered till November 2011
    Twin Staintune pipes
    Centre Stand
    Powercommander fitted
    Ventura rack
    Sculpted saddle for rider and pillion comfort
    Dunlop Roadsmart tyres at around 80%

    Comes with original pipes and a spare fuel tank. This was passed onto me, so I'm passing it on with the bike :)

    Never been dropped. The only marks on the bike are some small scratchs on the pillion grab rail where I had a plate for an RJays top box mounted.

    This is a great bike for touring, but still a bit of fun through the twisty stuff. Primarily aimed at touring or light off-road, this bike can do pretty much anything you ask of it. Riding position is quite upright so no pressure on the wrists or back. You'll also get 5 litres per hundred kms (even better if not riding with a bit of gusto) and tyres last around 10 - 12,000kms.

    The Staintune exhausts offer a very nice sound, quite like a v-twin rumble. If you want to deafen your riding mates and make friends with your neighbours, you can take the baffles out for the bit of extra noise with a sensational burble on the over-run.

    The bike is in pristine condition and would suit someone looking to do a few longer rides, as well as someone after a more comfortable riding position. I will say that you need to be a little taller though is its a tall bike. I'm in at 180cm and its a comfortable height for me. My brother at 5'8 has a few issues :D

    If you haven't heard of these bikes before, check out the link below for a wealth of info:

    Asking price is $8,500 with RWC.

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  2. ive heard plenty of good things, seems another underated bike!

    good luck mate
  3. Had mine since March and as you said, best described as a Jack Of All Trades bike..
    Not perfect at any particular type of riding but very good at most things you can throw at it..
    Easy riding gets me a tad over 4 liters per 100 and the worst I've got is 5 per 100 with spirited riding which means you can easily get over 400k before refuel with it's 20 liter tank.
    I'm also 176cm tall and it seems fine for me if that helps any people thinking about it..

    Have no desire to part with mine for a long time I'd say..

    Good luck with the sale
  4. Price drop - $8,000....

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