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Yamaha supermotard meeting at Calder this Saturday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by scooter, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. http://www.yamahasupermotomasters.com/

    Looks like it should be an action packed day from noon onwards.

    Well worth a look :D

    From what the organiser has said a number of top level riders will be competing.

    As well not forgetting having a lunatic try and pulverise himself in a jump of death is always entertaining.

  2. What time is everybody going to this event? If there are people who's going from south eastern suburbs, do you want to meet up somewhere like Maccas (cnr Springvale Rd and Wellington Rd) at 10am??
  3. i'll probably be going to that, one of my mates is a stunt rider and he'll be doing a few sessions to entertain the crowd between races

    might be able to make it at Maccas at 10am
  4. Bump to the top........
  5. I'll be there! I will be leaving from work (tullamarine) when i wake up (finish 6am).
  6. So did any of you go and more importantly was anyone there for the last stunt show that may have filmed? I was one of the riders and our camera guy left just before the end so was hoping to get a copy of anyone who filmed at the end.
  7. was there, didn't film it!
    Did you do anything different in that bracket?
    Hope you weren't in any way associated with that suicide jump of death scam, LMAO, what was with that?
  8. The suicide jump was this dude trying to get a record for distance by simply jumping an XF as far as he can into nothing...well concrete. Didn't happen in the end cos of wind. Instead he drove through a caravan with the car.
    Anyway we didn't do anything different at the end, it was just that I had a really cool crash that I was hoping to get on film.
  9. I was on the opposite side of the track when you were going through your last bracket so I didn't witness your crash.
    Must point out that you guys are F'n crazy though, like your style.
    seeing as you only wear T shirts and it was such a hot day, you may as well have only been wearing boardies, or are you worried about skin cancer.
  10. Yup cancer was my main concern that day.
    Seriously though I was the one wearing the flame leather jacket as I only occasionally stunt in a t-shirt. I only did t-shirt for the first practice in the morning and for some photos as I needed to get pics with the shirts we were wearing from Rider Evolution cos we got sponsored by them. The rest of the time I was covered which included my accident. If I was in a t-shirt then I would still be in some pain after my slide. The other 2 guys in my team always ride in t-shirts cos they like it and it's their choice.
  11. who are you trying to kid...
    half the time you stunt without a helmet :LOL:
  12. Only if I know such pretty guys as yourself are in the crowd ..you know so I can wink at them. :LOL:
  13. thats what all the girls say