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Yamaha Stryker ECU

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Cere, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently purchased my Stryker after many weeks of research and drooling over the bike in the local Yamaha shop. I had an idea of what mods I’d like to do to her, and what little issues I was to expect from her. Firstly and most importantly was the tall backrest for the missus :p Secondly, I loved the cobra swept exhaust, and after the first 1000km’s with the stock exhaust, I honestly couldn’t wait to get the cobra swepts bolted on just so –I- could hear my bike…stock exhaust and wind noise above 80k meant I couldn’t hear the engine at all…found myself doing the ‘am I still in 5th’ check every so often on the highway haha.

    Although they are slightly louder then I really wanted (even with the baffles installed), I can now hear the bike, and love the look.

    But, as I had read from countless posts, the popping on decel is extreme. I expected this, along with the not-so-smooth throttle, and the surging / hesitating from the bike when holding mid-rpm for any length of time. This was fine with me, as I read that there was an ECU flash available that cured 99% of these problems, and once again, countless people were very happy with the end result...no popping on decel and smooth throttle. And for a few hundred dollars I was prepared to face this hurdle to get the bike I liked the look of, and enjoyed riding. Where I was undone, was that Ivan’s ECU flash is for American and Canadian bikes, and with confirmation from Ivan himself, no Aussie flash was available from him yet :-(

    So I have been scouring the web, trying to find someone in Oz that could assist me with this issue, but have had no luck as of yet. Due to not being one of the popular sports bikes, I guess it poses as of little interest to many people who specialise in the business. I have no interest in chasing HP increases or anything like that, I would just love to decrease the decel popping, and smooth the throttle out some…all help and advice is appreciated, thanks.
  2. you could get a power commander and as luck has it they have a map for the Cobra swept pipes with a Pacific coast air spear if you were also interested in getting the air intake as well.

    Other wise you could just get the power commander and have your bike dyno tuned

    if you don't have access to a workshop with a dyno you could add a auto tune unit to the setup but you would need an O2 sensor on your pipes if it hasn't already got one or get one welded in.
  3. Thanks iClint, as an update, I did end up seeing the local guys here in Cairns with a dyno and went the PCV route. Very happy so far

    Appears the bikes run very lean from stock, and one of the first things I noticed is how much cooler the engine is, and how little I notice the fan kicking in now. After the PCV went in and she spent the day on the dyno, the popping when decel is almost completely gone...she still has the occasional bang but overall it is a massive improvement.

    And the 5 or 6 extra HP gained is a nice bonus!

    She still has some hesitation in the throttle when being held at middish RPM...so I have still been entertaining an ECU flash and talking with the ECUnleashed guys down south...hopefully have some good news from them one day soon.
  4. Heya Cere,

    I have a '14 Stryker and experience the same decel popping and acceleration lashing in 1st and 2nd gear when holding speed. I have V&H Twin Slash Staggered on mine. I was also considering installing a Power Commander along with a Cobra PowrFlo air intake. That and getting it dyno'd.

    How visible is the performance improvement? What are you observations around fuel consumption following the changes you made? I get around 190 to a tank driving to an from work in Melbourne everyday.

    I appreciate your posting this thread!
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    I have had my Stryker for 12 months now, V&H twin slash staggered, barons big air kit, power commander 5. The PC makes a big difference to the throttle smoothness and general tuning. It is a must, good idea to put the bike over a dyno once installed. Combination of decent air, pipes and PC opens the bike right up. More responsive a
  6. Hi Guys - am very close to putting some money down on a stryker this week. I'm looking at V&H pipes also. Spoke to the dealer about PC5 who was very negative about playing with the ECU under warranty (no suprises there I guess). Also interested in other mods. Where are people buy them from in Aus?
  7. I have bought a flash tune bike side kit to flash my 2015 r1 with a graves set up and just ordered a pcv and auto tune set up from motomummy. Only $30 usd shipping to aus and ended up being about $350 aud cheaper then any quote I got from local shops.
    The pcv doesn't interfere with the ecu although it does tap into a speed sensor cable but the rest just piggy backs into injectors and adds or removes fuel as needed.
  8. Hey Guys

    Well picked the bike up last Friday. Enjoying it no end. Keen to hear what others have done to their bikes and the reasons why. The only mod I have are the dealer fitted Vance and Hines pipes. They are loud! Much louder than I was expecting. Dont call me old but I even feel they could be a little too loud.

    Was hoping to find a few more Yamaha / Star forums that were Aussie based? I'm already on yamahastarstryker.com.

    Ideally I'm looking for Australian based parts distributor. I also realise our market is nothing compared to the US of A but would hope we have some options?
  9. Hey there
    So jealous! I'm currently drooling over the new bullet cowl Stryker here in Brisbane. Done a test ride and I honestly can't ever remember grinning so much in my entire life
    Hoping one will be mine by Christmas, so with the choice of bike made, I'm keen to know how your all doing with these upgrades you've made? Any updates guys?
    Because I have ducks disease I expect I will be swapping out handlebars and seat, but was wondering what else to do for luggage? Does anyone have some recent research they don't mind sharing with me on best saddlebags to get etc? Or any other related mods?
    Cheers and happy riding
  10. I bought a 2015 bullet cowl version a couple of months ago. Loving it so far. The only mod I've done is a Cobra slipon exhaust that I am very happy with.
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  11. Awesome! I went to put down a deposit on the bullet cowl and the guy showed me the new 2016 colour they had just put together. Well, that was it. Have done 300kms only so far and just put new exhaust on her so cars can hear me coming, and like you cruiser 1983, I am very happy What an awesome machine.
  12. I hear what your saying lol. I went to a guy here in Brisbane who makes an exhaust for the Stryker. Told him I just want a loud enough burble for cars to hear me coming but holy crap! They can hear me coming from a street away now! Lol. I'll get used to it I guess ? The guy said to me "Kim, you can't ride a bike like this without it having attitude!" May as well taken it to my Dad lol
  13. 240 rear tyre. Just thought I would post an update for anyone wondering. Have had the V&H twin slash, PC5, Barons Big Air on the bike for almost 2 years now and has been just perfect. It is worth spending the $$ to get it properly tuned on the dyno for both smoothness and power. The combination of those three upgrades really opened the bike up such that it is significantly better than standard. Haven't looked back.

    The latest change was to fit a 240 rear tyre. I found it near impossible to find anything in the standard 210/40R18 other than a Metzeler which to be frank, did not last anywhere near what I expected it to. Also, the standard 210 rear saw me using every bit of the tyre right to the edge. I checked a few of the US forums and found many had fitted a 240 instead of the 210 so I made the jump a couple of weeks ago and went with a Pirelli Night Dragon 240/40-18. Wow, W hat a change! The rear of the bike sits a tiny bit higher but visually you can't tell, where you notice it is a tad more reach to the ground whilst seated AND improved cornering clearance! Hooray, now I have just that bit more cornering clearance in the bends and particularly (in Canberra) I don't have to scrape the pegs on almost every bloody roundabout if I keep a decent pace through them. There is ample clearance still left at the rear and the change to the speedo reading actually takes up the gap from standard. That is, 100km/h is now almost spot on 100km/h instead of it showing 100 with actual speed about 94-95km/h. Some folk talk about the bigger back tyre slowing down the handling or mailing it more difficult. I can say that with mine that comment is wrong. The handling is every bit as good, even slightly better as it tends to stay where you direct it much more easily.

    Anyway, keen to see if anyone else has ditched the 210 and your experience. Cheers.
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  14. Hi Guys.

    Greetings from NZ.
    I have made the move to the 30 tooth front sprocket, makes a huge difference to the low speed handling and ease of use of the bike around town.
    Got one from a 950 through ebay was about $130 NZ landed and $20 for the local mechanic to fit.
    thoroughly recommend.
    Have also installed the K&N filter and modified the air-box which has also aided the bikes smoothness.