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Yamaha SRX250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Well saw one of these the other day... like the look of them. Didn't get a chance to siot on it though.

    like the look of them. A few questions to those who may no more than myself (and thats a lot of people :) )

    where they a local delivery or grey import?

    how do they compare with bikes such as GPX, Across, etc

    would you recommend one? (highly subjective i know)

    Do they have any known/obvious issues or problems to look out for?

    doing a bit of looking at prices so i can work out what they are averaging in the market place. $1800- $3700 by the looks of things


  2. Hey Drew

    I have just recently bought a 650 - but for the last two years or so I have been on a Yamaha srx250 - currently for sale - I just need to organise a price and take some photo's - but give me a pm if you're interested...

    My bike has been fantastic - it has started first thing every morning, and I have never had any problems with it - all services have not included much work, however I did replace the tyres, and chain and sprockets, a few months back just on the advice of a mechanical mate...

    As it is the only 250 I have ridden, I cant compare it to the others, but its a nice narrow bike and fairly easy to manouver around on...I'm gonna be sad to see it go to be honest with ya - but at the same time its such a good learners bike, that I think its better that it'll go to someone who'll use it rather than me keeping it to look at as a memento of learning to ride :grin:

    If you have any other questions give me a shout...I'm completely untechnical - but can always refer any questions to the guy who looked after it for me...

    Good choice of bike... :grin:
  3. They are a nice looking bike. They were delivered here officially between '86 and '89, not sure if any have been brought in as grey imports though. Unlike some of the other bikes in the "SR" series I'm fairly sure they're electric start which is a plus for a newbie (especially if you stall it in traffic). Being a single cylinder engine means any work will be cheap at a mechanic or easy enough to do yourself, fuel consumption should also be low. The downside is that it's not going to offer anywhere near the power of an Across or even a GPX. As a cheap learner bike it would still be a good option - just don't expect it to be capable of much more than 110kph.
  4. 110 is the max speed limit anyway so i should be ok :)

    as long as it is reliable i'll be happy, not after a racer here, but something to learn on and get me around abit,

    sigle should have more torque down low though right, at the expense of top end speed?

    cheap service sounds good and means i can learn how to do it myself

    electric start is kinda compulsory for me......(dodgy legs)

    i've seen 2000 model pics on the net but not in Australia as far as i am aware

    sumoto has one for sale so i guess they have got at least a few into the country...... (no i'm not gonna start the sumoto discussion all over, i just noticed they had one is all)
  5. any got any idea on tank size... i just saw a site listing it as 7 litres... seems kinda small to me?
  6. Yeah, you've got to remember that they're a single cylinder bike. SHould be sweet for 60-80kph type work, but as JD said don't expect much over 100kph.

    My SRX is PoS, cunrrently unregistered and won't even start. But when it did start (and it will again someday...), it went pretty well. Easy to ride, easy enough to work on. You should be able to find a decent one around the $2k mark I reckon.

    Pretty sure I've seen a few grey imports coming recently. If it was me, I'd steer clear as there are plenty of Aus delivered models still floating around, and they're prolly a helluva lot cheaper.

    EDIT: just found this at Sumoto.com.au:


    DON'T PAY $3750 FOR AN SRX.

    Bloody Sumoto again...
  7. I agree with the above...I have tended to use it as a commuter and the bike loves 80 - but doesnt like to be over 110...in fact, thats the top speed I have got it to..

    My bike has started every single time - even on ridiculously cold mornings its always started - and its kinda nippy for getting through the traffic...

    I can now get around 180km for a tank - and thats between $8-$10 depending on the fuel prices - I have been advised not to use premium fuel in it though - as its an older bike apparantly it doesnt like it too much and I have never tested the theory...
  8. if it will do 100 on the freeway i'll be happy... not planning a lot of freeway work but it will be doing a little bit.

    fuel range sounds about right

    Pete: i already mentioned the sumoto one.. and yeah that is well over a reasonable price.
  9. It'll easily do the speed limit - but its not a bike you can push much faster than that :grin:

    However, in my experience if you want it to do something, it'll do it...Its gotten me out of trouble on several occasions as it is relatively nippy and it easily splits between lanes... :grin:
  10. Yeah, singles don't rev that high so the power output (ie top speed) is low but you'll find the torque is fairly even across the rev range. This means that unlike a 4-cylinder 250 you don't have to be quite so concerned with being in exactly the right gear at the right time - just open the throttle and let it chug away.
  11. So, hijacking the thread a little, my SRX that isn't running, if I wanted to drop a bigger, newer (working) engine in it, what would I be looking for? A 400-600 single?? Late 80's yamaha dirt bikes spring to mind. How would I find out what will.won't fit in the frame...
  12. I am the most untechnically mided person in the world - hopefully someone else who's reading the thread can help ya....sorry...and good luck
  13. According to this it is possible to fit an XT/TT350 engine.
  14. well thanbks for the info guys... looks like i'll be adding this one to the list of possible..... maybe very possibles.

    Aiming for a looks see at one very soon.
  15. Keep your eyes out for Honda CBX250s as well. Same era, very similar syling, single cylinder again, same sort of price range...
  16. yeah ive seen a few of the CBX's... all the ones i saw though were well and truely used.... guess that means that they last a while :)

    liking the look of the SRX though, found a page with some nice ones.... custom 'zorsts and all..... not sure i'd go that far though... nice clean and original always looks good.
  17. The SRX is a hugely underrated little bike in my opinion.
    A workmate of mine years ago had one and i had the pleasure of riding it several times. One particular ride was a half day affair so i feel that i have enough riding experience to give some input.
    Firstly they are light as buggery! I reckon i nearly weighed more than at the time!! :wink: hehe
    Secondly the engine is a little pearler, it's more than capable for a small single, especially when the bike is so light in the first place.
    Handling is neutral and the bike is very responsive to even small amounts of input from the rider. Weight here is also a factor, it doesn't take much to muscle something this light.
    Brakes are also a non issue, they stop the bike well enough simply because there isn't that much of it to slow down!
    Tyre choice might be the only issue of concern as i recall that they came in odd sizes.
    I also remember that they were capable of more than 110km/h, i remember seeing something like 140km/h on the speedo at some stage!! :LOL:
    It might be worth your while trying to track down a white import SRX if there are any still around. My workmates bike was a white/green/red colour bike and looked great, sure isn't too many of those in Oz.
    Make sure that you are super picky when buying though, they are enough floating around for you to hold out for the best available. There are definitely plenty of crap SRX's out there.
  18. Ive only been riding for 4 months, but all that has been on an SRX250. Bought it from my housemate for $800 (needed a little work + rego). Having only ever ridden offroad before, I may not be the best to judge its handling. The two people I know who have ridden them just keep on raving bout them.
    It is pretty forgiving on the corners (just what a newbie needs :D ), and yeah, Ive had it up to 110 with a bit more to go. After bout 85-90 the economy really drops off fast.
    And my house mate wants to hang on to it when Im finnished, even tho he has a spanky TRX :LOL:
  19. Also, I know there is a US import SRX for sale at Yamwreak in Ashwood (Melb eastern suburbs). Cant remember the km's. Gloss black and canary yellow, looks to be in mint condition. Think he was asking something like $2G