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Yamaha SRV 250 Renaissa

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fionn, Jun 1, 2005.

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  2. There are several places to try for your L's around Melbourne. There is MTA and Ridetek in Dandenong, Motorcycle Motion in Moorabbin and HART in Tullamarine and Kilsyth. I did my L's at MTA. They were great. Many riders will tell you there stories about each of these places.
    As for the SRV250, that's a very nice bike and it is sought after. If you really want an opinion talk to Mel, she goes under the sig of Madmel, her bike is a beautiful british racing green and something to behold.
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  4. I looked very, VERY closely at the V25 and in the end decided against because

    a) I'm a fat bastard and the three I rode didn't have much left at 100/110 with me acting as an airbrake.

    b) I got a hankering for lean angle thanks to a 3am hoon on the GOR chasing my mates VTR1000....on a Postie bike :p


    c) I probably won't sell the VTR250 at the end of my restrictions, I'll just buy a nice 750 cruiser instead.....or a 600RR :LOL:

    A friend of mine had one and it never missed a beat (did go through a few chains but it is a twin) and I found it pretty comfortable to sit on. If you want a cruiser and aren't built like a battlecruiser (or aren't planning on doing much freeway work) go for it.
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  6. Yeah you shouldn't have any problems. I weigh about 130kg (and dropping thanks to not doing heavy lifting for a job anymore :\ ) and it skipped away at the lights fine with me on it.