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Yamaha SR500

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by QuarterWit, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hello People!

    Thinking about selling my SR at the moment so I was looking at the cost of getting a photographically-minded person to take some happysnaps for prosterity. Did the budget and figured I'd just get a DSLR and have a go myself.

    Can't be that hard eh?

    I took 450 photos and nearly every one was shit.

    Fluked a few and I'm really enjoying the process of going through and figuring out what makes a good pic different from a bad one. The rule of thirds is the only thing I remember from year 7 photography.





    All constructive criticism is appreciated. Let me know what is shit, what I've done right and what I've done wrong and what I can to fix it.

    Annoyingly, my favourite couple of photos were ruined by a can of coke in the background or a street sign that is at -just- the wrong angle that makes it look like the top triple clamp has an odd metallic growth.

    As a sidenote, the Canon 600D is a pretty neat bit of kit. Really easy for a complete noob like me to take some okay pics with.
  2. Its amazing how a little PP can help a shot... I would consider my self pretty amateur at photography but I have learnt that sometimes some of the shots you thought you really screwed up can be saved.

    I spent less then 2 mins mucking around with your first shot. Im not sure if anyone thinks it looks better but it give you an idea of what 2 mins in a photo editing program can do.

    Practice makes perfect. Just keep at it and you will get better.

    Also if you get sometime have a look at this channel on Vimeo. There are some great lil videos explaining how to get the best out of DSLR and what a lot of the camera jargon means. https://vimeo.com/channels/photographyschool
  3. I can see your mug in this one :)


    This one is my favourite, but I can't quite put my finger on why...


    Still, some purty pictures.
  4. Ha! thats funny... :)

    the bike looks fantastic, looks perfect for every occasion. i'm no expert but think about the background and the light. i suggest finding a dark background color that contrasts to the tank. maybe some old brick walls, (with or without graff), or parkland.
    also try some sunset, sunrise light, you might get some nice results... the good thing with digital is you can just crank out shot after shot, after shot without having to spend anything but your time.
  5. i also enjoyed the 450 photos line, made me laugh :)

    i was a bit like you, how hard can it be to take a picture? well, its easy to take a picture, not easy to take a great pic.

    location and light would be my advice. im still pretty nooby myself, but these two things make a massive difference. take a photo in the middle of the day (sunny), then one when the suns going down and the light is more orange and 'warm'. makes a huge difference!

    understanding exposure is a book you should get a hold of, its very good and explains a lot about, funnily enough, the exposure process. also gives you a glimpse into how a great photog takes and thinks about his or her shots.

    i also had a quick play in LR with your first pic, don't know if its any better but another example of what a little bit of tweaking can do :)

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  6. Oooooh, the tweaking looks great!

    In photographic circles, is touching up in this way considered cheating? Or just harking back to filters with the old SLR's?

    My main problem at the moment is composing a picture correctly. Too many of the photos I took looked like a blind man took them. I've also got to realize that you don't have to fit all the bike in the frame. A few photos I took that weren't too clinical were laid out quite nicely missing the rear 3/4 of the bike.

    Enigma, I'll check out that book!
  7. i dont reckon it is, though sometimes it is overused and, in the right hands, turn a shitty photo into a work of art. the same can be said of a great photo, into an amazing one.

    i believe there's merit in first learning to take a picture (shoot in jpeg), before you start editing (raw). everyone has their own opinions though, of course!

    good stuff! as with a lot of things nowdays, every man and his dog has written a how-to book, when a lot of them are complete rubbish or copies.
  8. HI there, mind me asking what your approx selling price would be? Happy to receive a PM if you don't want to advertise just yet - have been looking for cafe racer and/or street tracker and you've an awesome example there! :)
  9. Good pics will need good composition. Without that it will not matter how much exposure tweaking you do, it will still be shit.

    You don't need to take 450 pics to compose. In the old days you always composed before clicking the shutter. My advice is to try and make every pic a good one. It will require a bit of discipline given that it is so easy to delete the bad ones nowadays. Geez, I'm really sounding like some old dude...

    Rule of thirds is a really good starting point but dont get too rigid about it.

    After that think about where your subject is going. Eg a person should look into the pic rather than out of the pic. Same with a bike. eg in your first pic ( which I like BTW) you could have a bit more space in front of the bike than behind.

    Check there is nothing in the background that is distracting. Usual example is a pole that looks like its growing out of someones head.

    Balance: maybe something big on one side balanced with something small or two small things on the other. Maybe the pic of the fender needs a bit of balance???

    I like the reflection of you - touch of human is good.

    The common fault that bugs me in a lot of photos is any hint of an unintentional sloping horizon- especially a lake/seascape.

    A very effective technique is narrow depth of focus. SLRs are better at this - and better lenses seem to have wider apertures which really helps.

    I think you're doing pretty well for starters.
  10. Don't bother j-rad, I've asked the seller two different questions on his eBay listing and received nothing in reply! Below:

    hey fella would you swop this for a GSXR1000 and if not why not because the Gixxer goes like stink its much quicker. Regards, RatTail.

    Mate,, cafe racers was started in england when kids did 160kph it was called ton up,,, can this do 160 if not its not a cafe racer my R6 does that much and I paid less mate what would you take?,,
    Beau Gan