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Yamaha SR500 Possibilities

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mattb, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Now that I have the W650 and the SR500, I'm thinking of doing something different with the SR as it's currently too similar to the W in my opinion. I might use this thread to throw out some different ideas as I muse over time.

    Today I did this




    It doesn't steer too badly, actually, and its pretty comfortable. But importantly, it's a lot of fun to ride.

    Such a bike could end up with a spoked 21" or 23" front wheel from a dirt bike, and a single seat integrated with a tall sissy bar against which I'd permanently lean, as per deadman (although I have a slightly different design in mind to that one pictured). And, in time, an up-swept exhaust. I'd leave the frame alone. A lot of people hate choppers, which makes this even more attractive! :) But I like the simple and cheap, light-weight spindly British "soft choppers" of the counter-cultural 1960s, which had quite a different vibe to the over-the-toppers and then the later "I'm a bad boy" stuff. Which makes the SR the perfect candidate.


    Then again, I did dig the bike as 'Bush cruiser'.
  2. Those ape hangers aren't doing it for me Matt.

    Why not flat track the bastard? Get some long low swing out handlebars and some big spoked wheels with skinny tyres - go the full flat track look - it would work well with an SR.
  3. flat track the shit out of that bike. it would be the best
  4. Dont go 23" tyre choice sucks. you can get a 130 x 23 front from a custom harley or a trail tyre. The harley tyre will cost almost as much as the bike.. :) (jk)
  5. How about the 1950s/early 1960s Brit trials iron look? Or the 60s desert racer if your tastes are more transatlantic than pipes and tweed?
  6. Hey yeah - build a road registered salt racer!
  7. I was thinking more along these lines, but yeah, ultra-long wheelbase, moped forks and prone riding position might be fun :D.
  8. Ape hangers, 4 inch over forks (& don't chop the frame), rigid rear end, no front brake.

    Pipes should be higher than the bars.

  9. It looks just like an 82 Triumph Bonneville with the mag wheels Matt. I'd just gold pinstripe it and call it a Royal Wedding SR.

    Did you solder all of those wiring joints? You will want them completely insulated and out of any moisture.
  10. I thought the same thing Ged re the '80s mag Bonnie lookalike. And I have been considering gold pin-striping (you know, a little bit of luxury), not in imitation of the Royal Wedding model...but now you've got me thinking! (A bit of a confused republican who loves the monarchy here!)

    The wiring's just tacked into place to get a sense of what lengths I need it to be - it will be neatened up and then joined properly.
  11. sorry but those handlebars look terrible LOL
  12. Lucas, in anticipation of your rejection, I decided to change the project! ;) Well, rather, I really enjoyed the high bars, but there's an enduring image I've wanted to pursue with this bike. And there is no more prevaricating, because I'm a tight-arse and I'm now investing in the parts.

    This SR500 from somewhere off the internet is pretty damn close to what I want to do.


    The project must be frugal, out of necessity but also because I enjoy riding a great bike that cost little (the SR itself cost me $3k, five years ago).

    A couple of weeks back I got a tank off eBay for $75.



    This tank will need the tunnel cut wider as the SR500 is an oil-in-frame design with a wide back bone. I will remove the word 'Enfield' and add something else.

    Also a couple of weeks back from eBay I got this rear SR400 wheel for $100. (As you can see from the OP pics in this thread, my SR currently has mags.)


    The wheel was bare, but the sprocket carrier from the magged wheel is the same item on both, however I have a spare matching one from an XT500 (here fitted) and I got a brake hub (here fitted) from eBay for a TT500 for $50, which again is a matching item (there is much interchangeability between the SR500, SR400, XT500, TT500 and XS650).

    And today I purchased this front drum-brake wheel from Vic Wreckers, along with the rare-as-hens-teeth bracket to hold the drum in place against the fork.


  13. Dat's a nice TLS drum. What's it off? XS650 (more likely XS1/2 I suppose)?
  14. Off an SR400 (Japanese home market) - bolts straight on, no modifications!

    But that's a good guess Pat - the seller reckoned they're exactly the same as the ones on the XS.

    I've already got a spoked wheel from an XS1 or 2 sitting there that I was going to fit, but it has the big floating disk, and I decided I just had to have a drum (it's for sale for $100 if anybody wants to replace their mag).
  15. that's much much better ;) just messing with ya mate, I like the SR's I'm working on a little bike a Suzuki TU250, and so far I'm enjoying it... going for cafe racer look, I guess youre looking for a royal enfield kinda looking? nice as well... that's my little one: [​IMG]
  16. They're a damn nice looking bike, the TU.

    Yep, an Enfield look with SR reliability and modifiability (there will be engine work too when the aesthetics are finished). I was thinking of selling it to buy an Enfield Bullet, but I'm rather attached to the SR club and the whole scene that I've been a part of now for some years. But most of all I'm attached to the rugged simplicity and solidity of the SR.
  17. Matt, I do like the "SRenfield" look you are now going for, good choice.
  18. Mate, good luck, keep us posted :] are you in Sydney?