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Yamaha SR400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mauser, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I spoke to my local Yamaha dealer the other day and he told me Yamaha Australia is releasing an upright retro style 400cc bike (which is already being sold overseas) towards the end of this year. After googling I think he means the Yamaha SR400 might be the bike. He said it'll be in competition to the CB400 etc for the LAMS and commuter market. I love retro bikes and this one looks nice. Does anyone know if this IS the bike thats coming out.


  2. SR400


    It better be cheap, no good paying todays prices for yesterdays tech IMO
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  5. I asked him if it was the XJR400 and he said no it definately wasn't, so the only other bike seems to be the SR400. I hope its the SR400 too, it looks a nice one. Hopefully the price is right.
  6. As much as I would love to see Yamaha import the SR400 I strongly doubt they will.

    Deus have apparently invested $15 million into the purchase of their 1600sq meter shop in Camperdown and have jumped through all the legal hoops to get the bike through ADR.

    Mr Jennings is a smart fella and wouldn't have invested so much money without being able to secure some guarantee that Yamaha wont be importing these bikes.

    If however Yamaha did import SR400's Im sure they could sell them for a lot less than Deus.

    Deus are looking at opening a shop in NZ!

  7. You'd rather pay today's prices for Korean technology? :?

    :) LOL! It depends on what you mean by 'technology'. I value quality, simplicity, and longevity much more highly than complexity or sophistication. Buy a complicated motor that will be a headache at 60,000kms, or an engine that achieved perfection in terms of over-engineered quality and reliability, 30 years ago and has stood that test of time, and which will last forever provided with an $800 top end every 70,000kms! If the SR can nudge around 10k - in the range of eg the Honda VT750 - then it sounds like great value for money! Add the consideration that it's one of the most fun, beautiful, retro, character-filled bikes on the street.... A lifetime keeper (and how many bikes are seriously that?!), or a Learner's Bonneville or Sportster....
  8. LOL indeed. The R&D on those old japanese bikes would have been amortized decades ago...and then sold to Koreans and Chinese. You need your head read if you're going to pay $10,000 for a thirty year old bike :eek:
  9. Buy an SR400 new now and you'll easily be riding it in fifty year's time. Can't say that for most of the current, fancy technology! Some things were great a long time ago, and continue to be so! If I'm going to spend $10,000, then sorry but I think I'd rather spend it on something worth while, not the latest gizmo that will be trash in twenty years time....
  10. If they brought out the SR that'd be fantastic. However, this does make sense - because I heard a while back that Deus were going to stop doing SR's and concentrating on W650's. It'd make sense...

    Rodericb, I'm not too sure if you're really up to speed with old Jap bikes. But err... $10,000 would be a starting point for a Z1 or a CB750 or similar.

    And like Matt said, that kind of bike is really a keeper. Each to their own!
  11. Hey I remember this thread. I guess it's already towards the end of the year though. It's not going to happen, is it?

    I'm never going to afford to be some kind of imitation Japanese fonz :(
  12. If you can't get an SR500/400 or an XS650 in your price range, get yourself an XS400 (or GS400, or Z400), or even an XS250 which is the same as the 400 with a smaller bore such that you can easily bore it out. These things are still cheap- $1500 mark. Yes son, you can still be an imitation Japanese Fonze - don't give up the dream, join us....
  13. Actually, just speaking to Stew from the SR club the other day and I don't think Yamaha Australia are going to bring them in - The SR has been cancelled this year!

    30 years of production and it can't meet Euro 3 emissions regs. Slated for release in 2011 now. Ah well...
  14. Hopefully it is popular enough in Japan (that is, I assume it is) to ensure its return. One of the great motorcycles of post-British dominance, in my opinion. And that goes for the whole line up - I've been cruising through dusty forgotten back roads of NSW north of Nyah / Swan Hill on an SR185 - what a great bike a Jap single road bike is!
  15. I think it is. 2011 with FI, apparantly. Makes sense - they starve the market for a while and wait till demand builds up.

    You're spot on about the SR. It's a pretty unspectacular bike, mediocre, in fact. But it's got a pretty obsessed following these days. (Look at us, i suppose, and chairman too)
  16. They're not that easy to find though. Ah, one day.

    The XS400 looks all wrong too :(.
  17. Oh, I think both it and the XS650 are among the great bikes of recent decades. You know that feeling it has, nothing else I've ridden gives me those vibes. And then when you factor the simplicity and robust longevity - which in my mind are the most important virtues. The bike excells in 'character', in both senses of the word!