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Yamaha SR400 questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jayseventwo, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, am looking to buy a Yamaha SR400 to eventually build into a Dues/caferacer type bike, down the track - for now, it will be used to commute to and from work.

    Initially I would just like to find out if there are any model years that are better than others (eg: don't buy the 1986 model because...), or has the design pretty much been replicated since the first? My only requirement is to have a front disc brake - what year do they start at?

    The other question i wanted to ask was, does anyone have any recommendations for after-market accessories in Australia? my initial idea is to replace cosmetic things such as the seat, exhaust, handlebars etc - things that can be done with no real mechanical knowledge (i know my way around bikes but in no way could I rebuild an engine!). Is there anyone in Australia you would recommend in terms of cost, good service, etc.

    Lastly, is there a SR400 club in Sydney - would be great to catch up and talk to other owners of this bike!

    Thanks a lot in advance for any of your replies - i am hopefully going to be a regular contributor to these forums now i am getting back on two wheels!! :)

  2. heads up jason - start up a thread in the welcome section, it's kinda site rules that you introduce yourself first

    as for your question's here i'm sure other's will chip in with some help but i'd imagine the internet would be your friend for sourcing part's.
  3. Whoops, sorry 87crisis - just posted a hello there now. :)
  4. Try and find the later model with the oil line to the exhaust valve instead of the inlet. That was the biggest modification done to the engine throughout the SR400's life. It's a very, very clever design and one Yamaha got mostly spot on the first time out with the XT500.

    I haven't ridden one with a drum front end but I've heard when they are sorted they are up to the task. I'd try and find a disc front end though.

    Later models are the best. There have been some metal cracking around the top of the frame (oil in frame bike) in older models but that's usually very, very well used examples.

    You'll manage to do most stuff okay yourself. Try and find someone to check over the stuff for you. It's really easy starting out and making some pretty major mistakes that can end up stuffing your bike or yourself.
  5. Thanks for the advice, QuarterWit. :)

    Any idea what year this oil line update occurred?