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Yamaha SR400 project (Update: New pics)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Marlon, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas!

    Been working on this one for tooooooooo long. Other projects got in the way and I've hit a few snags (Second custom bike project, i'm starting to understand what it's like to spend half the day to get a certain part to fit properly) but in all it's coming along well. It's a Yamaha SR400 that I'm doing the cafe racer thing to.

    Next up is looking at improving the handling, so probably some new shocks etc, and then I'll get her bored out to 500-and something.

    In the meantime, cosmetically, what do you think I should do? Paint the tank? If so with what, and how? Also thought of adding some fake numbers on the side, where the air filter box used to be. Not being a racer, is that overly-gay posing? And would the sting be taken off it if I got some decals of a woodpecker smoking a cigar and stuck that on instead of a number?

    Oh, decisions, decisions. First things first, I have to fix the f'n throttle cables, and solder some electrics up i busted when putting it together. Oh, and el muffler gets attached.

    What'cha all reckon?



    EDIT = Here's the bike in bog-stock form, to those who don't know it.

  2. Nice work mate.

    I like the tank the way it is, but have you though about a chequed flage stripe down the centre like the triuph bonni?

    The Italian bikes from the 60's look hot in red, so may a cross Italian/british thing with the red tank and the chequed stripe.

    Red is hard to paint however.
  3. It's a Japanese bike so I reckon go the traditional Japanese racing colours and paint a big red rising sun on the tank - or maybe some nice Japanese calligraphy :). No point in making it look like a British/Italian bike if it isn't one.
  4. I was thinking of doing a rising sun. Either saving and getting a polished alloy tank and getting a decal made... small rising sun at the front of the tank with rays extending around the bike, then putting 'jap crap' on the other side.
  5. do you like the chrome mudguard?
    cause I was thinking having a white one would look cool.....
  6. get the tank chromed. It's probably cheaper then painting anyway.
  7. And now with muffler!


    And also, what looks better, round or rectangular mirrors?

  8. That looks fantastic dude!! I'd go the round ones m'self...
  9. That is one very cool looking bike, go with the round ones I reckon they look ol' skool :cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. Mate, that looks fantastic so far..... =P~
  11. +1 to the round mirrors, goes well with the round headlight and round tacho & speedo. the bike has roundish shape all over it so there is no place for rectagular mirrors.

    i remember tingate racing did the same sr400 project years ago and was featured on a local bike mag by "the bear".
    they called it the reefton spur special.
    "the bear"'s take was that a single cylinder motorcycle is the perfect weapon to tackle the reefton spur.

    i guess you can prove that when you take that beauty to the reefton spur ... i'll be surely watching this thread for your ride report :).
  12. Make sure the carby is suported by something other than inlet manifold, weight of air cleaner and vibration will crack inlet manifold rubber.
    Nice looking bike, you could get the yamaha ground of the side of motor, i like minimilist bikes so removing rather than adding is good.
    White keeps it clean, though painted in knee area can add to look.
  13. Marlon, this might sound a bit rude but have tallied up the cost of doing this? I would love to have something unique when upgrade time comes around and a bike like this might be cool as a project.

    Anyway mate it looks shit hot! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. Thanks Matti-San!

    Jeez, I honestly don't remember the total cost of everything, but here's a quick rundown...

    Fenderless Kit: $220 (Includes Brake light)
    Indicators: $120 (For all four)
    Seat: $450
    Muffler: $500
    Header Pipe Tape: $80
    Grips: $10
    Clipons: $80
    Throttle Cables: $Honestly Don't remember
    Clipons Tank stopper-banger-smasher thing: $20
    Rearsets: $600
    Battery Plate: $40
    Front Mudguard: $160
    Mirrors: $120

    There's probably some more costs as well, which I've forgotten. The bike itself, which was brand new, cost me around 10k. There are much, much better ways to go around it - If i was cleverer or more patient I'd go down that path instead. There are some second hand SR400's around (Generally muchas better condition than the SR500's you see) and a seat can be made, you can do without rearsets etc.

    There's also ways to spend plenty more money as well. I know, because I'm thinking of doing it at the moment. I've got everything planned in three stages; the first being cosmetic, the second being handling (shocks, rear disc brake conversion) and the third being top speed (Bored out... Turbo, anyone?)

    If you're interested in doing it matti, but if you're in Sydney, or even in melbourne in a few weeks time you're more than welcome to take her for a ride and decide if you want one.

    Knowing what I know now, and If i was patient enough, something like my bike could be built for half the amount. I was thinking of getting a BSA, or even a triton or even a ducati 250, but I don't the mechanical knowledge or the time to invest in my only bike.
  15. Thanks marlon, let us know when you're coming down. Would love to at least get a look at it.

    Did you look at any other bikes as a base for the build?
  16. I was thinking of an original SR500, but got impatient waiting for the 'right' one to pop up. Also was hunting around for CB750's, but they were either butchered or mint, and I couldn't bring myself to stuff around with a mint one.

    If I had more money I would have done a Triumph Bonneville T100 (not a thruxton, those things are a bit ugly)
  17. So how did you get the SR400?

    Are they still importing these things?
  18. wot can ya say?


    :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    excellent job!

    (+2 for the round mirrors)
  19. Thanks iffacream! :oops:

    And Ibast, yep, certain people are importing them. Rumour has it they might be re-introduced next year by Yamaha Australia.
  20. Mate all credit to you But rather than the mirrors with a great view of your shoulders what about bar end mirrors they are more effrctive

    Ps go the round

    PM me off topic with the id of the bar and the size of the bolt ie M8 M10 pitch etc and i will see if i have some left over bits to ensure that they will only come loose when you want them to if you choose to go that way

    :wink: :wink: :wink: