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Yamaha SR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by scottr, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Ok, Im looking into getting my learners soon but also have to try and budget for a bike and gear. I dont really want to spend more than $3.5k - $4k on a bike if i can help it. Second hand is fine.
    The local bike shop has a 2001 SR250 on their website for $2999. Does this sound lik a good price? It has done 11600 km's.
    I'm only looking at commuting to and from work each day at this stage. I do want a better bike after I am on my full license but I need it to be cost effective at this stage.

    Will the SR250 be ok for me, I am 6'3" or so and about 90Kg.

    Any other suggestions on a bike that is a recent model (90's onwards) and also in my price range would be good.

    Thanks all,
  2. Priced ok, I'd try get it down a little.
    My Bro just bought an older SR250. Checked it out on Sunday.
    I found it very light, low seat height, a little gutless but overall possibly a good learner bike. I suggest you go sit on it and see how it feels etc..
    Being 6'3", it may be a little too small for you.
    Just my 2 cents
  3. The SR is a pretty rock solid machine. I had a 1980 SR (in 91) and it ran Dalesford to Ballarat and back every day, with weekly trips to point Lonsdale. That bike did lots of k’s At 6 foot it was a little tight on long runs, but my solution to this was sit up on the pillion seat and reach to the bars from there. As for how it is as a learner bike. You really would have to try hard to drop this thing, it has such a low CoG that it almost stands up on its own when stopped. Oh but don’t expect a lot of performance out of it. 110 was as fast as I ever got mine, and that is dragging around 75 odd kg
  4. As my only transport I've owned both an SR185 and now an SR500. You're talking about the classic which is modeled, aesthetically, after the 500, but is mechanically very similar to the old 185/250. This is a great model of bike, and with the right pipe it can sound awesome, and if you ever get sick of the look then trawl the web for some SR500 modifications (esp. the cafe racers!). So its fun to ride, ultra-reliable and cheap to own, pleasant to look at and fun to mod, and the power is fine if you understand its limits. It can cruise the highway no worries as long as you don't expect any power over 100km/hr (though I - 100kg - cruised the freeway at 125km/hr with speed to spare on the 185 in absolutely clapped out condition! You just gotta lie down on the tank, and consider a stone fairing). I'd love one as a back-up commuter! At that price I'd be pushing for ORC included, but it's not *that* bad given what people tend to pay for bikes and given the low kms.
  5. Would you consider a traillie that might fit you a bit better? Just seen an ad (sadly not in SA) for a 2000 model XT250 that the owner claims has never been off road for $3700.
  6. Another option is a GPX250, they can be had at a fairly decent price...in fact I'm looking at selling mine (I come off my restrictions in 2 days) and it's well within your price range. Let me know if you're interested. ;)
  7. yeah interested, but i cant afford a bike until my house is sold unfortunately. (no im not selling my house just to buy a bike!) So i't probably looking to be a month or so down the track :(