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Yamaha SR250 Classic - a good entry level bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timirvin, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Like its looks, but appreciate any feedback from the experienced. How does it compare to other 250cc bikes, eg Honda CB250?

  2. Go the Honda! I've done 13,000k's on Bond since mid Feb including a 3000k round trip to Sydney in 6 days & he never missed a beat, his only disadvantage is the nut that joins the handle bars to the seat! (me! lol) The SR is a lighter bike & wind may be an issue!

    btw welcome to the forum!
  3. Any Yamaha yeah-sayers out there?

    Bondgirl, thanks for yr reply. Read yr earlier postive remarks on the CB250, inc the narly trip to Sydney;you're clearly a fan. So the Yamaha sr250 is a bit light, eh? Cute as a button and the price is right but. Any Yamaha yeah-sayers out there? Or is it a thumbs down?
  4. The SR is very similar to the CB.

    I rode one as a courtesy bike from Geoff Taylor while they had my FZR.

    My opinion is that they may make a great entry-level bike, however you may find you outgrow the bike within a few months. If you don't think this will be an issue, then go for it. You've got to remember that you're going to be riding it for at least 15 months most likely...
  5. SR250

    I have had one for about five years now. It is a great little bike for getting around town on but the fornt seat is too low! I am thinking about getting it redone so that it is all the same hight as the pillians as I tend to slide straight back. :D
  6. I own a CB, tough, reliable little bike although a few more HP would help. Never ridden an SR, but I believe the fuel tank is a bit smallish? I can go 300+ k's on the CB before reserve.
  7. Years ago I rode an SR250, it's a wonderful learners bike, great around town. Seemed pretty well bullet proof, and easy to maintain.
    Are you vertically challenged? Might be an issue, I'm 5'8" and wasn't an issue. If all you want is something to nip around town, it'll be great.

    Can't remember the mileage being an issue.... can't remember filling it up too many times, but that's probably old age :?

  8. I loved my SR250 (1982 model). Apparently they've toughened the motor in the newer "Classic" version.

    Not fast, but ran forever and great in traffic. Back then, they were called "soft choppers" - I guess they'd be a cruiser in todays nomenclature. The only drawback I remember was that the tank was inclined to be dinged if the bike was dropped...so don't drop it! Color choices, as I remember, were red, red or red.

    If you suffer from duck's disease, the SR185 had a seat that was even lower.
  9. Friend had one for a year (bought new from Taylor/ D'ng) while on her learners.
    Did about 8000km on it, about 3 weeks worth of Tassie-touring in that with about 20kg gear on the back.
    Good commuter, tops out at about 100kmh, cheap to run, cheap to buy...BUT...built in Malaysia? it's not a good finish and things started to look pretty used after only 12 mths (despite very extensive care).
    Rear suspension was just about finished after those km (no dirt, her about 65kg).

    Better quality bike with way more to it at around the same price is the Hyosung Comet 250.
    Some hard dealing will get one on the road below $6k. (new, that is)
  10. I tried the SR250, they had two for sale at Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood a while ago. Not bad, one with 4K on the clock and the other with 7.5K, both 2002 models I think. One with less kms was $3999+orc, the other $4200+orc. One with less km's had after market screen fitted but large dint in fuel tank but probably wouldn't cost too much to get it out.
    The biggest problem I had with these is the single cylinder four stroke. That's my problem, I'm just not a fan of single cylinder bikes. Chugged along reliably at between 70-80km, not sure that I would want to try for 100km. Quite high riding semi-cruiser type bike, but in the end like Bond Girl swayed to a CB250 due to fact slightly more gutsy, lower riding position and two cylinder.