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Yamaha Solo dirt-road bike ok 4 beginner?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by free spirit, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    I saw this guy pull up on a nice looking bike at Vic Gardens the other day, so decided to go talk to him. (No it was only the bike that caught my eye, unfortunately). It was a Yamaha dirt-road bike, 2 stroke, very upright and light looking...I know 2 strokes are faster & lighter than 4 but not sure if this is a bad thing for beginners... My adrenalin started up a bit just looking at it, it had fast and fun written all over it...it was secretely calling out to me to take it out for a spin... :LOL: What I could decipher from his thick accent is that it goes great on the freeways and has no problems for a beginner, but I thought just in case I should ask the informative experts out there...what do u think?

    By the way, he's not a member of Netrider, I asked, he lives way out hours from Melbourne. Apparantly they have their own once-weekly social nights out there in the sticks too.. good to know, I thought. :)

  2. If you're actually planning on taking the bike offroad occassionally then it might be an idea but they're no good for commuting. To use one on the highway you'd probably have to change the gearing, especially if it's a 250 (they're designed more for acceleration) and you'd find that although the high centre of gravity can be good for cornering on-road (with road tyres) it makes them kind of unstable at speed especially with crosswinds. A 2-stroke dirtbike also requires far more maintenance than a 4 stroke road bike.
  3. where is he from??? for us other country folk? nearest bike gather ing to me i think would be one of the Bendigo Clubs...which is about the same as melbourne
  4. My first bike was a 1999 yamaha 2 stroke dt230. Was a great little bargain and an awesome learner for both the dirt and the road. It was pretty quick of the line and kept with my mates gpx250 and had no problem sitting on 110. It ran out of puff at about 150 though.

    The only problem I found with it was the constant fouling of plugs on the street due to slow speeds and not enough revs and the auto-oil-pump leaked a bit. I had to keep spare plugs and spark plug remover with me all the time just in case. On the dirt it was pretty fun and a great bike to learn the basics on but I outgrew it pretty quickly. Being a bike that is dual purpose they sacrifice a few things to make it both streetable and good on the dirt. Good for long dirt rides but not good for jumps because of pretty basic suspension. I maxed out the suspension doing only small jumps and I only weigh 75kgs.

    If you plan to ride it on the street I would definately go for a 4 stroke. I traded the DT230 for an 05 WR250F and it was the best move I ever made. Got tons of power and you can just cruise around on the street with no effort, or roll on the throttle and hang on for dear life.

    Good luck with whatever you get, just remember that you will be going through heaps of tyres if you are doing lots of road riding with knobblies.

  5. dirt/road bike 4 beginner

    Thanks jd and yamahapat for your advice. :) I probably should forget it as an option, as I don't really know where to go ride in the dirt, I'd probably need a truck to get out to the good spots, am told u should wear separate gear from road gear, and the maintenance sounds a bit high. Ah, the complexity of it all!

    Drew, he sounded European, I didn't ask where, and I'm sorry I forget the place he said he lived, as I never heard of it. He said it was 3 hours away.

    Freespirit :)