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Yamaha Shim Tool - XJ900S

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Major_Max, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    I'm about to do the valve clearance adjustments on my XJ900S 2002 model Yammy and was hoping someone could tell me where to purchase a Yamaha shim tool to make the job less of a headache...

    If anyone has any other suggestions for safely depressing the cam followers that would be greatly appreciated as well....


  2. Do you know that any of the clearances need adjustment?

    If not, you're quite likely to find that they're within spec. Bucket and shim setups don't move much until the motor's well worn.

    I'd check 'em and only worry about it once I'd confirmed the need for a tweak.
  3. Hi Pat

    thanks for your input...I checked the clearances a week ago around Christmas / New Year and all but a couple of the shims were in need of adjustment or right at their limit..... The bikes done 36,000 Kms now and they have never been adjusted as far as Im aware....I got a quote of around $600.00 to do the valves and a general service, but cant justify paying someone $440 of that to take my fairing off and put it back on....its cheaper in the long run just to buy the few specialst tools I need instead to make the job easier.... :) :)


  4. Fair enough.

    Dunno about specific sources but I'd start with good old Google and/or Fleabay.

    US suppliers are cheap and generally give a level of customer service that puts Aust companies to shame (or should :shock: ).

    Alternatively, if you've got a rough idea of what the tools look like and the ability to visualise what they actually do, fabrication may not be out of the question.
  5. Thanks Pat...I've done a little googling and found a few options...admittedly overseas....was hoping to find a source closer to home if possible....Havn't tried good ol ebay yet....I'll give that a whirl I suppose....

    Also wondering if anyone on the forum has tried the Morgan Carbtune for balancing their carbies..Morgan have these on special at the moment from the UK...


  6. I got a tool for my adjustable tappets from a Yamaha dealer. I just went in with the part number written down. Have you asked?
  7. Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys....I just checked with a couple of Motorcycle shops for the tool.....one suggested it would cost around $150.00...the other shop quoted around $80.00.....for a genuine part....Overseas prices for an aftermarket tool that will do the same job is about US$13-$15.00 (around $20.00 Australian) including postage.

    Your right PatB...overseas suppliers do put our companies to shame...!!!