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Yamaha servicing in Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Cruisin Nurse, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Yamaha x 2 servicing . We are out west in Melbourne. Any suggestions??

  2. There is a Yam dealer at Hoppers Crossing. No idea if they are any good.
  3. Yeah that is where I bought the bike from. Wilco has not be happy the the services they have done in the past..
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  4. I've been hearing good thing about this one:

    JMS Tuning

    I have no experience of them though, I do all my own bodging up.
  5. Yamaha City in Eliz St? Although seems their service dept has moved to Port Melbourne,

    If it is only things like standard services etc you can take it to any mechanic and keep your warrantee. Doesn't have to be a Yam dealer.
  6. Agree with Wilco...keep away from the Hoppers Crossing Yamaha. Went there twice, gave them the benefit of the doubt first time because they did fix their mistake, but then they stuffed up again. That was with my old Virago. Been to the Yamaha City where I got my Bolt, first service was in the service centre in thel aneway behind. Second one was at Port Melbourne. Been pleased with them. If it's a scheduled service they will give you a loaner - you need to ask though when booking in.
  7. When I was shopping around for the MT-09 I gave 'City-West Yamaha' a chance.
    Was not impressed at all - organised a test ride.
    Called on the morning to confirm - got there. No bike - it had 'just' been sold. Yeah right.

    Got a quote, they had not stock of an MT-09? WTF! Was told I'd get a call back. Never did.

    Went straight into the CBD to City Yamaha - bought brand new MT-09 off the floor at a better price with more farkle.
    They've serviced this bike (and the old Aprilia) many times, even sorted out some electrical gremlins on the Ape no one else could.

    They get my money for anything other than a minor service (which I do myself)
    Also, they'll give you a scooty-puff-junior to keep you rolling while they have your bike.
  8. I should add - I've head really good things about JMS tuning.
    Spoken to Jason a couple of times over the phone about the Aprilia - seems to be very knowledgeable and straight up.
    Never used his services mind you.
  9. Wilco is trying to tell me that Yamaha city will give me a scooter as a loaner....lol
  10. Yep.. I got a scooter. It suited me though as I was doing the Cross Egypt Challenge shortly after and thought it would be a good opportunity to have a ride on a scooter beforehand. Not sure if they offer any other bikes, I never asked. When I told them I was short so didn't want a big bike they offered the scooter, so I took it.

    They also have a lounge upstairs where you can leave gear if you prefer to get the bus across the road. The bus goes into the city down Collins Street.

    I actually enjoyed the scooter, plus being so much smaller and lighter than my Bolt was a bit of fun and something different. Wouldn't want one as my main bike but they can be handy in some situations, especially for
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  11. Hope i'm not too late OP , i absolutely highly recommend JMS tuning / Jayson. I've taken both my bikes to him for the past two years and have never had any issues. Prices are reasonable and he is lovely to deal with :)
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  12. Well, looks like JMS it is for my trusty steeds first service....lol