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News Yamaha seeks expressions of interest for 2016 YZF-R3 cup

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Yamaha Motor Australia is planning to launch a YZF-R3 championship in 2016 aimed at attracting new riders to road racing.

    To get this series off the ground, Yamaha is seeking expressions of interest.

    One model race series are designed to attract newcomers to the sport because the playing field is levelled, the emphasis becomes on racecraft and rider skill.

    The Australian based Yamaha Racing Development team has produced a race kit for the YZF-R3, which is comprised of racing fibreglass bodywork, OEM screen, footpeg and handlebar repositioning kits, race exhaust, fork and shock springs, crash knobs, swingarm bobbins and a range of rear sprockets.

    Technical regulations are currently being developed by Motorcycling Australia in conjunction with Yamaha and allowable modifications to the stock machine are minimal to keep costs down.

    The series is slated for five rounds as part of the 2016 ASBK winter series beginning in March.

    Each of the five rounds will consist of practice, qualifying and three races.

    Those interested can contact the people at Yamaha Racing Development by email.

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  2. not a bad idea, they look a bit nicer than the Kwaka 300's
    cheap factory supplied expendables will help a bit
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  3. Just sent them an email :)
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  4. Ooo! Exciting! !!!:woot:
  5. Will they provide the bike??
  6. They are just after expressions of interest at this stage, I take it that you will have to purchase the bike (at a discounted price) and maintain it yourself within their guidelines. Otherwise they will have to charge riders for the mechanics, logistics etc which will drive the price up and ultimately make it prohibitive. Given that the whole idea is to be an affordable entry to racing I doubt they'll go that way.

    Whether or not it will be cheaper than buying a second hand track bike and doing it that way is yet to be seen.
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  7. Also sounds like that if you do buy the bike, you're obligated to enter every race - so even with a discounted purchase price it's a big investment to make.
  8. Do we know where it will be located at all? Some of the article seems to imply experienced people and other parts say basically for noobs so I don't know what to expect. Emailed anyway.
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    Got a reply for those who were curious:

    At first I read it as bike + kit for only $3600 lol, thought it was an amazing deal, then I re-read.

    I am tempted but it seems a bit out of my league, I have never raced before, don't really know anything about repairing it if I crashed and would have to work out how to transport it. Oh well
  10. Haha I read it the same way initially.

    I think i'll have to stick to my plan of turning my cbr250rr into a track bike and racing locally.
  11. I wouldn't mind some of the race goodies for my R3.
    Repositioning the clipons would be worth seeing how that works.
  12. When you do post a build thread or something, would be keen to check it out. I would LOVE to get into track racing around Melbourne area, especially on something smaller (250 or 300cc) but I am mechanically disabled lol
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