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Yamaha Scorpio exhaust...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Lilbec383, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Hey just wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to remove the baffle from the muffler on my Scorpio? Sick of the darn thing sounding like a motard and for obvious reasons don't want to go screwing up the muffler. Thankfully I have an old one to work with before the new one arrives.

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    Last time I checked a scorpio sounded like something completely unlike a motard, more like a mewling cat really. Removing the baffle will start to reverse this. At a guess, the baffle will be riveted on, maybe welded though. Grinding off the rivets or the welds if they are on the outside should go at least halfway to removing the baffle.

    If you want to make it sound less like a motard stuff some steel wool down there. Make sure it's stainless or it will be rust before one day's commute is done.
  3. steel wool ??
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    It will depend on how the noise restricting baffle is installed In the slip on
    If its riveted in, you can drill them out which I would recommend over using a grinder although not a lot of choice if there are welds involved. Some slip ons have a little grub screw that once removed allows you to pull out the noise restrictor in the exhaust but not in the case of an OEM exhaust usually.
  5. Yeh.
  6. how would that work?
  7. It acts as a muffle by disturbing the exhaust gas.

  8. I put a chrome shorty reverse cone on my Scorpio, that's it there in my profile pic. Played around with the filling for weeks to get the right sound and performance.

    Scorpio's look much better naked.(y)
  9. This is the best idea!! Love it