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Yamaha Roadliner - New Pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by moogar, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Heyas

    I'm looking to put new pipes on my Roadliner, and considering Cobra Dragsters or Hard-Krome RES-TEC 3” DRAG PIPES.

    Problem is, I can't find an AU distro for Hard-Krome so I can't get pricing, let alone look or compare with Cobra.

    Anyone got either sets of these pipes (for any cruisier) and can provide recommendations or feedback?

  2. I'll tell you this. You almost always get a cheaper prices with shipping and purchase cost combined when buying pipes overseas as opposed to getting them through a dealer or reseller.
    As for which brand, try Jardine. I've heard them on Viragos and they sound bloody awesome, very thunder-rumbly. Not sure if they make a pair for the roadliner though.
  3. Ok dilemma time!

    I ordered a set of 3" Hard Krome Res techs, but the supplier wrote back and said they were out of stock and offered 2.75" (discontinued) pipes at a discount instead - $410 vs $635.

    Problem is I can't find any decent images of the 2.75", but the 3" I know look awesome. I then also looked at Cobra speedster longs, which are compariable to the 2.75" price, but can't find the pipe diameter.

    So now it's either wait a month for 3" Res Tecs or get cheaper 2.75" or Cobras now.

    Any suggestions or experiences to help me through?
  4. Wait for the ones you really want. Regardless of which are actually better, everytime you look at it you'll wonder what the extra 1/4 of an inch could have added.

    Definatley talking about exhausts.
  5. Hey all

    Got me the 3" Res Techs, and they are sweeeeeeeeeeeet. So so so loud, and apparently these are the "reduced noise" ones. After Powercommander, K&N and dyno tune now at 82.7 horsies and 164.26 Nm of torque. Blasts off the line like there is no tomorrow.

    Some pics here:

  6. I like. I got Vance & Hines for my V-Star Custom a few months ago and they are pretty awesome as well.

  7. I trust you've regsitered that as a lethal weapon :LOL:??????