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Yamaha reserve odo trip question.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CamKawa, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. I've just bought a new Yamaha and am wondering about how the trip meter works.

    When the tank level drops enough to hit reserve the odo resets back to zero to allow the rider to determine how k's they have done on reserve. My question is does trip meter A still keep racking up the k's even though the reserve meter has started, or does it just stop?

    Last time I filled up my odo read 260k and the reserve said 20k. Did I do a total of 260k or 260k + another 20k equalling 280k?

  2. No idea Cam - but what happened to the gixxer?
  3. That's a topic for a whole other thread. Might talk about it more in the coming months....
  4. Ooh, gonna be all coy are ya?

    Two can play at THAT game!
  5. You get a NEW trip meter appear on the screen called F-trip (fuel trip). Your other TWO trip meters and your odometer continue to count in the background. You didn't get a manual with your bike?
  6. I've got a manual but it doesn't say if trip A keeps running or stops when the reserve trip kicks in.
  7. :rofl:
    OK your turn