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Yamaha releases LAMS approved FZ6R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. I worry about LAMS Bikes

    I think that the government will eventually restrict ALL bikes -- ala France I believe (?)[​IMG]
  2. I can just see those expensive fairings being thrown down the road by learners :LOL:.
  3. Thats probably how they'll make money. Parts.
    Very nice looking though. Sports bike look with out the sportsbike ergos.
  4. thats awsome, will be a massive seller, good move Yamaha
  5. I agree with you goz

    Now if they put a 250 motor into their 125 sports model they will really take a bite out of 250 ninja and 250 hyo sales - but will Yamaha listen -- NO
  6. Looks identical to kawasaki's er6f. I really dont like the appearance of upright position faired bikes but thats just me.
  7. Oh shit yeah.
  8. We took delivery of our first batch of these today.
    They are a faired version of the XJ6. They have been available fully faired in the USA for a while now. They have a lower seat height than the FZ, and a slightly more upright ride position. There will be both LAMS and non LAMS bikes available in the XJ6 range.
    The FZ6r is the LAMS version.
  9. Any indication on the ORC?
  10. Something like $12,000 ride away.
  11. Thats going to be a popular bike at that price.

    edit: actually, with a lot of GSX650FUs coming onto the second hand market this year, maybe not. I guess we'll see :)
  12. I agree.... totally, if motorcyclists cant be seen to be looking after themselves, government will legislate


    P.S. nice looking bike though.......
  13. Because it would probably only sell here... Not worth the effort.

    I don't think they have a suitable engine either...
  14. Looks like a nice up spec lams bike and will probably suit new learner riders who intend on keeping their bikes after their restrictions are up.
  15. Looks good, but I can't find any specs on it anywhere! Can someone quote power & weight of the restricted & unrestricted models?

    Edit: based on the weight, the restricted version would have to be 45kw or under (60 horses).

    What the unrestricted version got?

    & how are they restricted?
  16. Can they be De-restricted after your P's are up like the Hyo ???
    Suzuki really f...ked up by not allowing it on the GSX650F"U" ,hopefully Yamaha had it ADR to be re registered in full power also.
    Price is a joke if its $12,000 ..
  17. İ believe they can be unrestricted but they are no where near as simple as the Hyo. To derestrict lams faz6, xj6 (due to come out), er6 etc they would
    need to be unregistered then derestricted then reregistered which the dealers told me cost in the vicinity of $3-5k. Also once derestricted they can never be rerestricted to comply with lams again.

    By the way this is in Victoria so don't know what's the go in other states but would assume will be similar. I believe hyo have stitched up the easy way of derestricting bikes and have made it as hard as possible for other brands.
  18. The Hyos's can't be re-restricted again either...

    None of the others seem to be able to be derestricted, and the Hyo's can't in Queensland either I wonder if there's a change going on...