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News Yamaha Releases 2016 MT-10 Specifications

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Late last year, Yamaha finally announced they were giving us the supernaked we’ve been wanting so long for – one based on the Yamaha R1’s latest crossplane engine. The MT-10 was unveiled at EICMA last year but no specifications or pricing was released. We now have the former and if you’re living in the UK the latter as well.

    The MT-10 supernaked is based off Yamaha’s budget version of the new R1, the R1S. That means it misses out on a few special features such as a magnesium oil pan, engine covers and wheels (replaced with aluminium) and the titanium exhaust headers and connecting rods are replaced with steel versions. But for the average supernaked rider, those things are hardly going to be missed.

    And despite being a retuned naked, it still looks to pack plenty of punch and will go head to head with BMW’s S1000R:

    Power 117 kW (158.2 hp) @ 11,500rpm
    Torque 110 Nm (81.86 ft lb) @ 9000rpm
    Seat height 825mm
    Weight 210kg

    That is an eye watering amount of torque and a still very respectable amount of horsepower. By way of comparison, the S1000R produces 118 kW (160 hp) at 11,000 rpm and 112 Nm at 9,250 rpm, although it does weigh three kilograms less.

    The MT-10 will retain just about all the other goodies you get on the R1S, including the extremely advanced electronics package, albeit modified slightly for the more road focused segment the bike is aimed at. The bike will first hit Europe in around April and will cost £9,999 in the UK. Australia should see it hit around June while the US misses out at this stage with the American division saying they currently have no intentions of importing it.


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  2. Noice...

    Still can't get over the looks of the headlights but will reserve my final judgement till I see it in the flesh.

    Imo, it'll be around $21-22K here in Australia..
  3. Plenty of stonk which is what super nakeds must have, but the styling misses the mark big time for me. It just looks odd
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. More like this:


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  6. I want one... But i think ill wait for Gen 2 or Gen 3...
  7. Only weird bit for me is just above the front headlights.
    An all black model would conceal a few weird edges.
    Really need to see it in the flesh.
    Looks like it will be a huge jump in price from the mt 09 though.
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  8. And both lights are on?
  9. Looks better with a bit of colour... image.
  10. You reckon?

    It's got a face that only a mother could love...

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  11. I dunno, I think it looks better in a pretty raw photo like that, than some of the heavily edited press photos previously.
  12. With all the plastic crap all over it, why not just keep the fairings and put handlebars on the R1?
  13. Genuine competitor to the S1KR, but I think it'll fall short.
  14. Technically this should be good.
    Doesn't sound like they've cheaped out like they did with the 09 component wise.

    I'm going to ride one for sure - but I reckon my Niner will stay for a while yet.
    Not sure I could look her in the face while I poked her......
    Just sayin'
  15. good question.
    this bike looks like its been designed by a 12 year old who cant stop rubbing them out.
    how anyone would want to ride around on a bike that looks like a robot, or an alien is beyond me...no doubt this thing would be fun to ride all day, but i would rather buy a pink toyota rav4 than be seen riding one of these or a kawasaki naked.
  16. Ohhhh that hurts....and I've only ever been nice too you.
    The kwaka is no where near as weird looking as this
  17. are you sure?
  18. Saw the MT at WSBK today...

    Honest opinion: in the flesh, it doesn't look that bad. In fact, I didn't mind it at all...

    Very comfortable to sit on...

    Only negative I can think of is that the front headlight has too much plastic..
  19. If that is truly what it looks like then to me it looks like a transformer.....LOL
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  20. Has it been released in OZ yet?