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Yamaha Recall

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rokster, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted... did a search but couldn't fine anything.

    Yamaha Motorcycles (Various models) - Throttle Position Sensor

    Date: 16/10/2006

    Supplier Name: Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd

    Product Make: Yamaha

    Product Model: YZF-R1. FZ6-S. FZ6-N. FJR 1300. FJR 1300A. TDM900. MT-01. XV1700PC.

    Target Number: 3,019

    Model Years From: 2002 - 2005


    Campaign Number: M802. M802-A. M802-B. M802-C.

    VIN Range: RN124-000004 ~ RN124-001147. RN125-000001 ~ RN125-000494. RJ072-000002 ~ RJ072-000125. RJ075-000003 ~ RJ075-000160. RJ075-000161 ~ RJ075-000275. RP044-000351 ~ RP044-000552. RP084-000001 ~ RP084-000045. RP114-000001 ~ RP114-000092. RP087-000003 ~ RP087-000260. RP117-000001 ~ RP117-000270. RN082-000002 ~ RN082-000155. RN085-000001 ~ RN085-000051. RN112-000001 ~ RN112-000043. RP122-000003 ~ RP122-000092. VP14N-000480 ~ VP14N-000752. VP14N-000858 ~ VP14N-001056.

    Serial Range:

    Product Info:

    Defect Details: The Throttle Position Sensor may not function properly due to an internal fault within the switch. As a result, some owners may experience an intermittent unstable idle which may cause the engine to stall.

    Consumer action: Contact your local Yamaha dealer.

    Market Coverage: National

    Recall Coverage: National

    Keep safe
  2. omg the achiles heel of efi bikes...
  3. oh my - does it apply to R6?
    you think it would because it shares the same engine as the fz6 and the like
  4. Meanwhile my Honda is purring like a kitten. :)
  5. Yeah.. I'm happy on the Beamer ! :cool:
  6. ...then you both crash into a stalled Yammi on the road, with no injuries that is :p
  7. AND yammy riders bag out hyosung
  8. What's not to bag?

    Go the HYO!
  9. Ahhh its all good the Yammie wouldn't have even made it out of the driveway, so I'm not worried. :)
  10. Weird, at the lights yesterday the bike cuts out !!!
    I just take it as fluke, start and off it goes .. the plot thickens ...

    Do you have a link of the Yam website or something just in case I get a
    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: when I head off to see the dealer ?


  11. that's been out for months
  12. that's been out for months
  13. that's been out for months
  14. Well.. it was only posted on that site on the 16th.. since I don't ride a Jap bike, thought I'd help someone else who do.. if it bothers you.. go somewhere else
  15. my kwaka humms nicely as well,

    well maybe not hum :D

    Poor Yanny riders
  16. Hi all,
    Try the recall site and put in any manufacturer into their search engine, as the search,
    There are hits for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki,
    Here is one for ZX636-B1/B2 and ZX600-K1H
    ZX636 Recall
    Aprilia RSV-R and RSV-RF Recall as well. Affected units have the chassis/frame numbers beginning with ZD4RR
    Bmw has a few hits.

    Is well worth putting in your bike manufacturer and checking it out.