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Yamaha RD350LC 2 stroke resurrection

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mullna, Nov 23, 2015.

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    Hi all
    i'm new to this site i am a long time 2 stroke lover ever since my dad bought me a 1985 kx80. it was love. So much power for a young bloke

    anyway i digress. i've known for years that my father in law had an old bike in mothballs but never given it a second thought. a couple of months ago he moved it out of storage to his house and i sore it for the first time. imagine my surprise and joy when i found out it was a 1981 RD350LC.

    best part he seems more than happy to let me play with it and get it back on the road. down side is last time it was ridden was 1985 and last time it was started was around 1988 to the best of the father in laws knowledge.

    i dont profess to be a great mechanic. more of a weekend mechanic. and i need some help

    i figure ill start with getting that beautiful 350 2 stroke twin started. i had a play on the weekend with limited tools and knowledge.

    i opened the top of the carbies and they looked brand new in side and i could hear the float moving up and down when i turned it over. do i need to open the bottom as well? and if i do ill need a new gasket yeah? what do you suggest i do with the carbies?

    i took the plugs out and peered down with a torch as i slowly pushed down the kickstart. i didnt hear any scrapping or strange noises.

    i also took the cover off the right hand side revealing the 2 stroke oil pump and water pump they look brand new from the outside anyway. i thought when i got home that i could slowly crank it over by hand and see if the oil pump spits oil to test it.

    after that i thought next time i go to the in laws ill take all new fluids Petrol, 2T oil, gearbox oil, and radiator fluid. tip a little 2T oil down the plug holes crank it slowly by hand a couple of times to lube the piston. change all the fluids and spark plugs then give it a kick. that worked with yz250 but it had been sitting for 12 months not 30 years

    it has done 20,000km im not sure on rebuild regularity on these bikes. but it has never been rebuilt and compound on top of that it hasnt even been started in 27 years. will it need a rebuild before i even start it?

    when i got home i thought i better talk to some experts. see what im missing which im sure i am missing something.

    any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Can't help much on the mechanical side but wanted to say you lucky bastard ;) the RD350 was quite a machine. It will be great to see it resurrected. All the fluids as you said is probably the place to start. Wheel bearings may have seized, tyres will definitely be shagged and as hard as stone. Once you get it started brake fluids, brake fluid does adsorb water over time.

    I think removing the plugs and squirting some oil down into the cylinders and then kick it over with the plugs out a few times to get some oil coating the cylinders.

    Good Luck and maybe start a thread on the restoration project. I am sure there are a few who would love to see this marque come back to life.
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    I agree with cjvfrcjvfr, you're a lucky bugger, cut my teeth on 2 strokes as well although dirt bikes, not much of a mechanic either but I think your on the right track, before you pull too much to bits, make sure gaskets are available or you will have to make them yourself, google is your friend, and by the way, we need pics to drool over (y)
  4. I gotta get me a father in law, lucky bugger indeed.

    You do realise a decent (semi) resto job on that and it'll be worth between $5k and $8k as original? I've been looking for one for ages.
    The rd350lc was my first bike after getting off my L's in the UK many years ago. Surprised i'm still here, that thing was a fcuking mental rush.
  5. PICS PICS PICS!!!!!!
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  6. Thanks again
    I'm in perth
    I have some photos on my phone but it says they're too big ill try on the PC when I get home.
    She's by no means in great nick. But I can see the potential
  7. Probably best if I just take it off your hands then - save you all the heartache and swearing. I'll be round in 20 minutes.
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  8. That's so thoughtful and generous of you lionz.
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  9. I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this project. I owned the bike's grandfather, an RD250D, air cooled, in 1974..
  10. I agree with LionzLionz here. These are going to be the next sought-after classic I reckon. You've done well to snag this before they go crazy. Haven't done any 2-stroke resurrections (yet), but I think crank seals can harden over time and might need attention. Definitely pull the carby bowls for cleaning. Better still to remove and strip them if you can.
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  11. how do i attach photos of the bike?
  12. You probably have not made enough posts yet, otherwise at the bottom of your message window there is a 'Upload a File' link to the right of the 'Post Reply' link which you use to include a photo in your post. In the meantime, use http://postimage.org/

  13. ist after lubing the bore check for spark, them I bet the idle jets in the carbs are blocked. Fuel evaporates leaving gum and crap behind. If you have spark fuel and compression your usual good to go EXCEPT, these have a 2 stroke oil tank that mixes with the fuel automatically. Crank seals can be a problem as well. You need to make sure its getting oil or expensive nipping up with occur. Have a look in the Olds Cool section on Adventure Rider, there is a 2 stroke section at the top. Do the research. BTW these are huge fun when going well.
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  14. Thanks zim
    Yeah I'm thinking of putting premix in it to start with. dont want to risk running too lean
  15. MullnaMullna Oh you lucky Man. That was the bike that planted the seed in my psyche that took 30 years to come to fruition and I finally got my bike license. Go and make some other posts on anything so you can start posting pictures. Please oh Please. Take your time, have fun & share.
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