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Yamaha RD concept?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by duncan_bayne, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Just sent this off to Yamaha Australia ...

  2. My first bike was an RD, but I just can't see a stroker getting past the Euro spec when even a four-stroke has to have a huge cat-convertor and a muffler the size of Texas to pass :(.
  3. Neither can I ... but if there's even a chance that Yamaha is working on an engine that could, I'm gonna be shouting my support from the rooftops :)
  4. would ya sell your soul for one? :rofl:
  5. Honda have already built a clean two stroke the CRM250AR.Unfortunatley due to the meat head mentality it never really took off as two strokes "are unreliable" and "have no torque" which most of us two stroke people know is shit.Also dont forget sarich's attempt with some amazing brain power being used up with no backing from the australian government what so ever.....he eventually sold out to i think mercury due to the lack of support in his home land.
  6. aw, c'mon, governments can't fund every idea that comes along, and when they do they get damned for not funding OTHER ideas that come along.

    Ralph had 20 years to prove what could be done and despite a dozen 'this is IT' announcements failed to deliver anything of what he promised. No ammount of funding can compensate for visionary ideas that actually don't work.
  7. I wouldnt have any faith in the concept drawings being from any source close or relevant to the actual manufacture and design of said bikes. The new gen two strokes will almost certainly not require a traditional expansion chamber for one.
  8. Awesome idea.

    I was half expecting contemporary RD350 styling, but that's pretty neat.

    However, I'm with Paul - when 4-stroke engines need massive converters and mufflers the size of houses I struggle to see how a 2 stroke would make it through.

    However, if it did - brilliant.
  9. Seriously, check the tech they've got with outboard motors. Emissions, power, service intervals. They shit over the 4t's in all regards.
  10. Which is presumably why the majority of outboard manufacturers seem to be moving to 4 strokes :wink: .
  11. That's news to me, but then I'm not a boatie.

    Hello Sailor! :p
  12. Just checked then.... veeery interesting. :grin:
  13. Sadly doesn't look like anything more than hot air at this point ... raspberries to those who publish unsubstantiated rumours :(

  14. whats wild is that no matter what forum i visit 2 stroke 4 stroke atv vmx etc there is always a decent ammount of pple who long and desire the reproduction of such machines,,,but no one wants to take it on,,,,,well almost, i have a mate who shares the same passion for 2 strokes as i do..and he is in the middle of designing and producing a new class of 2 stroke road bikes...the basis for the bikes will be rs250 with fully up graded rz/banshee engines with current new barrel design and technology, this guy is no joke,, he even has a factory yamaha team builder on side helpin with engine and pipe developement, to give u an i dear i did a similar thing with cagiva mito
    and the result is amaizing, but his engines will be way more developed still small in the 450cc range using the rz350 engine and will put out a smooth 110-120hpr..!!! if u have an rs 250 currently or mito and want to make an engine conversion let me know...
  15. You are a bad, bad man ... I bought the Mito specifically so that I could ride something small enough that I can go flat out everywhere and have a better chance of keeping my license :twisted:

    So ... what kind of costs are we talking (assuming ride-in, ride-away conversion)?
  16. I guess they just didn't share your WORLD VISION mate... :-k

  17. :LOL:
  18. It says he cannot CONFIRM the rumour, he has not denied it though :wink:

    Can you imagine a KTM 300 2smoke motor in small road bike frame like this? :shock: :shock: :dance: :woot:

  19. i heard/read that there's a possibility of using different materials in these "new generation" 2 stroke piston/barrel/etc to eliminate the need to burn oil. ceramics and composites were mentioned.

    i think there's plenty of development that can go on with the 2 strokes. with the advances in material science these days, i'd say soon we'll see some real interesting concepts to improve the 2 stroke.