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Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by boro_baba, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Any1 that has every owned a 1999-2002 YZFR6 i would greatly like to hear your thoughts on it? Goods? Bads? Anything you wanna say about it feel free. :)

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  2. Rockin' bike. Light, quick, nimble. You will need to rev it more than a 1000cc but these are such a smooth engine that you shouldn't mind revving it. It'll handle better than a 1000.

    A pleasure, unless you buy one that has had a young hooligan owner and has been thrashed and destroyed. Sadly those are common. Choose carefully based on condition, and it'll be a great sportsbike. Avoid crash damage, engine rattles or smoke, and clunky gearboxes.
  3. Hi boro, I owned a 99 R6 for about 5 years and had a very positive experience owning it. During that time I did not have any issues and it was very reliable (but then I did look after it). Never once left me stranded and it started every time I pressed the starter.

    The engine was slightly peaky for the road, so you had to be careful of gear selection as it did have a habit of bogging down at lower RPMs (around the 5k mark from memory). By all accounts it is nowhere near as bad as the 06+ R6s but just keep in mind that anytime you wanted to accelerate quickly (eg: overtaking) you needed to drop a gear or two to make it happen. I have read that some people had some gearbox problems (2nd gear apparently) but I never noticed any issues with mine.

    The handling was great with the bike being very easy to throw around corners, slip through traffic and generally get around. One thing I would mention is to get a steering damper, as the older R6s tended to be a bit twitchy at the front end. Adding a damper made a huge difference for me. I always found the R6 fairly predictable and didn't have too many moments (the few moments I did have were probably rider errors :LOL: )

    Like any sportsbike, the R6 can be a bit uncomfortable, but it was pretty good considering. I could normally do a couple of hours at a time before needing to stop and stretch the legs. I never had any problems moving around the bike for cornering and wrist soreness only came on when I was getting tired or lazy.

    I loved owning the R6 and the only reason I sold it was to go OS for a couple of years. Now that I'm back in Oz I am seriously looking at another one. If you're seriously considering one I would recommend you get a ride on one to see if it suits you.
  4. I think these two statments might have a conection...
    Clutch up mono anyone?
  5. Sweet as... thanx for the feed back guys...


    I bought 1 and im loving it!!! :biker:
  6. But you've lost your license again so enjoy why you can and try not to kill the rest of us :wink:
  7. twitchy front end
    get one with a steering damper if looking at these years model.
  8. OOOH!
    I want to get one of these one day! the 08 is sooo hot!!!!!!
  9. Grats Boro! :grin:

    Just remember :worthlesspics: :LOL: :LOL: