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Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by neilcooper, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I originally posted this on the General Discussion board and have now realised it really belongs here.

    Was thinking about purchasing a Triumph Sprint ST but have seen a great runout deal on a brand new Yamaha R6 ('05) model and just wondered if it could fit the bill.

    What's the fuel consumption like and how comfortable is it on the highway after 2 hours? RPMs at 130 km/h?

    I've done a search of the site without finding too much although I did come across mik84's June '05 'First Thoughts' thread. BTW mik - you mentioned in that thread you would follow up with a more comprehensive review later. I'm not great with the search engine here so if you have done a follow-up, can you direct me to it? If not, what are your thoughts about my prospective purchase?

  2. i think best person to talk about the R6 is 'FIXED'
    as he owns a 05 r6
    he should be able to tell u whats the fuel consumption etc etc
    my personal preference is the yammy due to that fact that its everything u could want in a bike (sports)
    and its just sexy *drool*
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  4. I can't imagine you being very comfortable at all, after two hours in the seat of the R6...
    The R6 is a straight out sports bike...not really designed at all for longer stints in the saddle.
    The ST might be better for that, since it's more of a hybrid/cross designed more specifically for sports/touring.
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  6. Heya,

    I ride daily in fairly heavy traffic to and from work.

    In city driving I get roughly 170 ks before I hit reserve, by about 200 to 220 I had better have filled up the 18 litre tank. On the twisty stuff you get about 190 - 200 before the little orange light comes on.

    The bike is pretty narrow for a 600, splits traffic well and accelerates cleanly, stock pipe is pretty quiet however so you need to ride defensively. You'll get surging at low revs, the bike isn't designed to putter along and is happiest when you're giving it a bit of throttle. Having said that I have no reservations recommending the bike if you commute, as long as you don't mind the poor fuel economy and take it out to play at least once a week.

    I love the R6, and women like it as well. I get a lot of requests from girls wanting a ride as pillion - may be a purchase consideration.

    The bike is tall, so if you're a short-arse you may have some trouble. Ride position is quite sporty, you'll find yourself sitting forward a lot with your weight on your wrists - I have long arms so it's not such an issue but make sure you test ride for at least half an hour. I've ridden interstate on the bike, it's comfortable enough but after 4 or 5 hours in the saddle you'll be wishing you'd invested in a sheepskin seat cover. It seems soft but the seat is quite firm, the bike isn't really designed to be toured on.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, Dan also rides the 05 R6 so get his feedback on them as well.
  7. I've done several days straight of 800+km highway cruising on my '05 R6. The '05 model will be doing around 7-8k rpm at 130kph in 6th gear - very comfortable.

    Fuel consumption will be around 200kms per tank at these speeds, but can be less depending on the wind/throttle happiness. If you are doing longer highway riding, a cruise control can make the trips more comfy, and handle bar risers can help if you are really sooky. I commute about 100kms a day and don't have any trouble with the stock set up.

    You'll eat up 200km days no problem on this thing, lots of fun - If you want a sportsbike that can double as the occasional long-hauler, its a definite bargain at runout prices, you won't be dissapointed :).

    If you want a full time sports-tourer, keep looking.
  8. yeah I get about the same mileage from my S4.. around 42 mpg. The sprint gets an easy 55mpg from what Ive read.

    The Sprint is a big bike too.. have you taken one for a ride ? Centre stand is nice.
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  10. yeah dude.. these bikes are going to do well by the looks.

    Ive seen some pictures of tall guys riding them.. and um.. it just doesnt look right.. they look really small.
  11. I'm 5"10. It suits me :) And being small is good for the twisties ;)
  12. yeah no worries.. be interesting to see if they do a naked version of it
  13. Thanks a lot guys.

    So it seems there's a general consensus that the bike is not the best on fuel even if you don't thrash the sh*t out of it. Doesn't surprise me seeing as it's a supersport. I just throught that it may have been possible that such a light bike would have been OK on fuel when you wanted it to be (touring) as long as you took it easy.

    As far as the comfort factor there seems to be a variety of opinion on that. I s'pose height of the rider and inseam would play a part. I'm 5'10 and so the bike should fit fine. I had read in a review that the '05 model (in comparison to earlier models) has a slightly lower seat postion, 10mm higher profile front tyre and stiffer front suspension which amongst other things results in a less extreme sports position and less weight on the wrists. This allied with the price I can get a brand new black one, had made me consider it. I have to make a decision on it quick though as the only shop in Perth that is offering it at that price only has one black one left and I wouldn't consider the red.

    I really like the Sprint ST but with the money I save by buying the R6, even if I spent an extra $20 on fuel every week for 3 years I'd still be in front. If the Sprint was a bit cheaper than it's current $15,990 plus ORC (for the non-ABS) it would win hands down. It's actually not a bad price for a new bike but the Yam deal is just much better. What's the best deal anyone has been able to get (or heard about) on a new Sprint?

    Finally on the fuel issue, someone mentioned that the tank for the '05 is 18L. Is that right? I'm sure I've read somewhere that it's 17L.
  14. Mate I think you can safely say that you'll get 200km's out of a tank (highway use) regardless of the tank size. This is about normal for most sports bikes.

    I'm sure you could squeeze out a bit more, but as you're wanting to travel some km's on it (and not knowing when the next fuel stop may be), you could safely bet on 200 km's.
  15. Gees, you're really comparing apples with a certain citrus fruit here, aren't you?

    The R6 is a track bike with lights and indicators and the Sprint ST is a sportstourer. It all depends on what you want. IMHO, unless you are going to do track days and lotsa days on local go-fast roads, 600's are a waste. The Sprint would be an awesome bike for everything and great for a thrash up to 8 or 9/10. I love the engine in my Speed Triple (same as Sprint).

    Just remember, a good rider on a crap bike will mostly beat a crap rider on a good bike.
  16. Hi undii,

    Super cool looking bike.
    Have you got one on order?
  17. Yup :) Been doing heaps of reading, seen one 'in the flesh', collecting heaps of ride reports/videos/pics. So if you want any info PM me :)

    I'll definitely have to show you the bike once I get it. Been looking forward to this for a LOOOONG TIME!
  18. Teh Trumpy has 3 headlights. It's an easy decision.
  19. And the R6 has four, with 2 always on parkers as well. That's double the frontal lighting of the Triumph.

    Plus it's not made by the british so there's no lingering fish and chip smell :LOL:
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