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VIC Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by dnom, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys/gals,

    My 2002 Yamaha R6 was stolen sometime between 9pm Sun 24th Nov-5.30am Mon 25th Nov. It was parked off-street across from the Junction Hotel on High St, Preston. They were nice enough to leave the broken ignition barrel on the ground for me...


    Rego: 1G-9WK
    VIN No:JYARJ05473A000202
    I know there's not much that can be done. I've reported it to the cops, and I'm chasing up video footage of the entrance to the building I parked out front of. Didn't have insurance (I know, I know). Anyway, if anyone sees or hears anything, please contact police.
  2. Shame about the insurance mate. i Hope you get her back. I'll keep an eye out...
    Not trying to add insult to injury, but theres no way id have parked my bike in that location, at that time of night without being insured.
  3. Aye, thinking about it, it was a poor choice. Thanks!
  4. Gorgeous bike, hope someone spots it and it ends up back in your hands.
  5. I'll keep my ear to the ground, my sisters shop is a few shops up from that pub and hang out there a bit.

    That area is full of a feral scum, bloody junkies.
  6. Well, the police found the engine! Ha, better than nothing, right? fcuked if I know what I'd gonna do with it. How much do you even sell an engine for? The other problem is, it's in Mill Park. How the hell do I get it from Mill Park to anywhere?! :(
  7. You and a mate put it in the back of the car and drive it home?
  8. Thats as useful as an ashtray on a moped...

    Good luck with it mate.
  9. Yeah I guess that's about all I can do. I'll speak to the cops n see if they can put me in touch with the guy that bought it in the first place, see if he still wants it, legit sale this time :p