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Yamaha r6 power delivery - is it that bad?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mogley, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    So i'm getting off my P's soon and am looking to either get a CBR600rr or an r6.

    Without getting into a 600rr vs r6 flame war, my question was more specific around whether the generally accepted consenus that the r6 is really a 'track' bike really means that in regular traffic I will really wish I had gotten something with a bit more low end.

    I don't want to rule either bike out and am leaning towards the 600rr as I want something that is a bit more all round but all of this got me thinking...

    If the r6 just needs a bit of time to spin up before it pokes can't i just make sure I'm cycling through the gears to keep it in the powerband?
    Granted I don't want to be launching off every light but if it just means I need to downshift and get it in the right gear before i overtake I am not that fussed.

    My cage was an rx-8 and that thing was gutless until you hit the sweet spot and I actually enjoyed having the power delivery available if i needed it and most of the time I didn't mind not having ludicrous v8 torque off the lights.

    I'm sure there is plenty of poke regardless but all this talk of it being a track weapon but terrible for the street just has me a tad worried.

    If i could test ride both that would be great and hopefully I can at some point but just want to know if in theory I'm right/wrong.

  2. What do you ride now? I wonder because you might find that both the CBR and R6 have somewhat weaker power delivery at lower revs. What I mean is that the difference between the R6 and CBR might not be that much, depending on where you are coming from...

    I went from a v-twin to the CBR on the street and yes, some riding behaviour adjustment was required, but only a little.

    I tried an R6 and the CBR and the biggest difference I detected was ergonomics - I'm short (165cm) and the CBR felt much better, but I have a taller friend (180cm) and he much preferred the R6.

    Perhaps a 1000cc might be better? :)
  3. Yeah a test ride will help you out.
    The point is that for most road riding you're at medium revs which is where most il4 600s are a bit flat (the R6 reputably more so than others). You can keep it in a lower gear and the revs high but that's not really an option till you hit the open road, and it's quite a bit of work to be constantly changing gears to keep the revs high. That's another reason why bikes like the street triple are so popular as road bikes, there's less top end but more meat in the middle (usable) area.
    That said, all the 600s are stunning bikes and I'm sure you'll love whatever you get. Happy shopping!
  4. Test ride after 250cc will not help. Both bikes will be insanely fast. Including low-rev acceleration. In fact, you have to be pretty worldly-wise to feel the difference.
    Thus - better choose the one you are comfortable with. As someone stated, CBR is probably better for shorter persons, R6 is good if you don't mind high seat.
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  5. I haven't ridden the current model R6. But I found the '07 model quite easy to ride 'slowly' at small throttle openings. The ZX6R on the other hand was a pig at low revs.

    The CBR600RR (again not the current model) was easier but really not much in it.

    Take them all for a test ride and buy the one you like most.

    Oh and just to add to the conundrum, I've found that 1000cc bikes are easier to ride than their 600cc counterparts.
  6. So how will he know which bike is better suited without a test ride?? :/

    While I wouldn't claim to be a road tester, if you think a 600 has "insanely fast" low-rev acceleration, you are simply wrong. They're pretty docile till you get them spinning.
  7. I've got a cbr600rr 07 and in standard form they are more comfy than the r6 and Daytona 675 for example.

    I rode an 06 R6 (owned a Daytona at the time), I was cruising along in 3rd gear at traffic speed and cruising revs. Snapped the throttle open and the bike responded with absolutely nothing, I was shocked how dull it was down low. I then bashed it down to 1st and nailed it and it got up and boogied but seriously, I couldn't live with that as a road bike.

    Even the cbr600rr will pick up a fair bit better and the Daytona more again.

    I reckon the gsxr and cbr are the most streetable of the jap 600s
  8. I think what he meant was coming off a learner bike when you test ride a late model 600 you'll be impressed and think its great no matter what. Its very hard to critical of a genre of bike that your not familiar with on a brief test ride, your usually in awe of the good points and dont pick up on the bad. Give them a full day on it and its another story.
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  9. ++ GSXR 600 - I was gonna say, if you are worried about street performance in the 600cc's, I'd compare the CBR to the GSXR- especially the new model GSXR600, that is a top bike.

    In saying that, any of the big 4 Japanese would probably
    make you happy anyway, in some manner or another :)
  10. After 250 cc pretty much everything is insanely fast. Try 250 cc to see what I mean :)

    Have you ever tried to fully open the throttle at (relatively) low-rev? Seriously, one can't judge acceleration basing on partial throttle. If I do it, say, in 2nd gear on CBR600 doing about 40, I'll teleport to 80 in a portion of a second. Same for R6, same for Daytona. The difference is not that big as one may think. I fact, it's about 10-15% even based on charts, and probably less IRL.
  11. Yup, I owned 3 jap 600s and I've been riding badly for years.
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  12. the power commander fixes that flat spot nicely, but in staying that, even before i had the pc in my 08 r6 ive never had trouble accelerating. i keep the revs at around 4.5k-5k revs on the street and with a twist of the wrist there is absolutely no problem getting to 100+ in a couple of seconds
  13. Thanks all for your comments. I ride a ninja 250r so agree that anything will feel much faster.
  14. Any 600 will be fine after the 250 in terms of power, people say they are flat after 1000s. Thye still have 50hp at 8000rpm.

    But ride all the 600s they are different.
  15. Get a different powerband.
  16. Test ride a GSXR 2011 model or newer.
    I think it would be a shame not to in relation to the 2 bikes you are considering.

    When I was looking at the 600's that was the one for me that just 'felt right'
  17. Gsxr 750
    Happy medium
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  18. A change of sprockets will help the thing accelerate. -1 on the front,+2 on the back seems to be the norm.
  19. I dont get changing ratios for acceleration, just ride in a lower gear. Then you dont lose top speed.
  20. Itll feel like you are going lightspeed compared to the 250. Ergonomics the CBR is better, but I doubt you will have trouble with either. I'd suggest the CBR just because its more of an all-rounder, but if you are fit with no injuries you won't find either a problem.