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Yamaha R6 Fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by an-drew, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Hi there..

    Unfortunately, during a ride in the wet, my bike slid out from under me as i was taking a turn. thank god there was no cars behind me..

    as a result, my right side fairings are pretty trashed along with the right side engine cover..

    I should have gotten some crash sliders or oggy knobs :(

    Anyone know where i can purchase the parts to replace my right side fairings, right side engine covers??
  2. ring around the wreckers for a a bike with left side damage.

    there are alternatives such as ebay fairings but you will have to replace both sides, or OEM from yamaha.
  3. Same basically happened on my cbr6. I leave it with the gravel rash on - chances are it'll happen again. That said i managed to purchase a full set of OEM fairings, same colour from a 2012 that was tracked straight away. If i sell i'll swap them over.
    Bide your time, a set will come up eventually. Check out formula extreme.
    Chinese fairings are cheap, you get to choose a new colour scheme, but the build quality is cheap too.

  4. Not quite true, message some of the sellers privately, they build these to order and will be happy to make up certain pieces for a lower cost. I bought a new set for my CBR, I got taken out by a Volvo, and then the seller said he could redo the side fairing for $170.00

    Chinese made, yes, fitment issues? not at all.

    Oh, as for the engine cover, give the Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers in Heidelberg a call, I've bought a fair bit of stuff from them, and they've always got a few thousands bikes give or take.
  5. I bet your their biggest customer he?
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  6. Beat me to it

  7. By far, I keep the spare parts industry running, don't worry, no thanks necessary.