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Yamaha R3 exhaust question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Brodie440, May 23, 2016.

  1. Where am i able to find whether or not a Yamaha R3 slip on will fit my 2016 MT03 or not?
    The bikes have the exact same engine and the exhaust is visually exactly the same from what i can tell but i want to be sure before i fork out for a exhaust that may not fit. thanks.

  2. What happened to the akra full system?
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  3. Maybe you can check a Yamaha parts website and get a part number for the R3 and MT03 exhausts and see if they're the same. My money's on they are probably different, because the body is so different on those two bikes.
  4. Hmm you might be lucky. Few exhausts I checked claim to fit the r3 and MT03 models. Maybe best to check with an exhaust supplier
  5. Also please buy some boots before you make your bike loud. Can't ride any more if you de-glove your foot...
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    I've been incredibly interested in the Mt-03 for a while now and from what I gather it's the same exhaust. Looks like the rear end is exactly the same, only real difference between the two bikes is the fairing and handlebars, apart from that they're identical.

    (Not talking about riding position here, also mentioned bars, but the bike in general is pretty damn similar)
  7. R3 handlebars are further forward and lower (or MT03 bars are higher and further back) and R3 rearsets are further back and higher too. So the riding position is very different. Like, worlds apart
  8. Did you end up finding out if they are the same?
    Looking at the m4 street slayer for my MT03 but it's made for the r3
  9. They are identical matey
  10. Cheers man!