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Yamaha R15 for learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chrisco, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. The wife has gotten her learners and so I am looking for a reasonable bike to teach her on for the first year until she gets for R licence. Don't want to spend too much at the moment (< 4k) as we are extending the house, but one that has popped up is the R15. Does anyone have one or know someone with one? Any news on what they are like?

  2. You live in Doolandella? Sheez I would've sold you my babied R15 had this been posted a wee while back.
    It's a good bike to learn on in the sense of it being very... receptive? If you go for one just be careful as they're pretty new and most sellers probably didn't put them in for their 1000km service. If she's small the R15 should be a good size (I'm small so speaking from experience).
  3. I wouldn't bother with an Indian 125cc bike. There are so many cheap reliable 250's out there that would be safer and much more enjoyable.
  4. i have ridden one and i find there way to small and slow but at the same time I'm 6 foot something and weight about 110 so not really a bike suited for me but my ex girl Friend loved it the only thing she did not like was that it was to light and would get blown side ways going up the highway with trucks passing you

    i put a vote in for gs500 you can get a nice second hand one for $4000 or under plus it is a very forgiving bike
  5. What about a CB125? That's pretty cheap. $2,000 brand new I think. I haven't ridden one so I don't know how it perform but it's a Honda, should be fine as long as you don't go on the freeway.
  6. If you must buy something in that size range I'd look at whatever the new fully-faired 150cc thing is from CFMoto (noticed it when I was checking out their new 650). Quality is comparable with the Yamaha (ie cheap Chinese vs cheap Indian), but at $2k it only costs about as much as the R15 loses in value the moment it leaves the showroom.
  7. cb125e all you will ever need for commuting, unless you have a 40km commute each way on the motor way. but considering you want an r15 im guessing you dont as that would be shit for it anyway, if you need to do extensive highway work (more than a quick 20 min jaunt) you want at least 250cc.