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Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by justified, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Am currently looking into the R1's and trying to figure out the differences between each year model from 2005 onwards.

    In terms of performance and looks, how has it changed between the 2005 to 2006 to 2007 to 2008?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. The nose cone and headlights are quite different (05-06 to 07-08). I think the 05-06 were 5valve per cyl and the newer models went back to 4valves per cyl..

    Dont know a hell of alot about them (never owned one). ive borrowed my mates 06 on a few occasions and wow! is all i have to say. great bike!
  3. In terms of performance they just spank along no matter what year they are.
    All much of a muchness really they just change a few things here and there but no matter what year u will get u will always smile.
  4. In terms of appearance, are the 05 and 06 exactly the same?

    If not, what changes were made for the 06's?

    Also, I found the seat height on the 05's to be perfect for me. Is the seat height for the 06's the same as that for the 05's?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions guys. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  6. I have the 07/08 model (latest) and it kicks ass on the 06 and previous models. The suspension, swing arm stiffness and road ride-ability are greatly improved.
    To get the best out of them, tuning with a power commander is needed, and a race exhaust makes for a much improved mid-range.

    The major changes to the 07/08 model is as stated above, including the chip controlled throttle advance with variable intake funnel regulation.

    They are worth the money.
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  8. Yeah - The 07/08 ones look awesome. But they are simply too high for me. I don't feel comfortable sitting on it with the only thing stopping me from falling over is the big toe on my left foot. haha

    I found I could comfortably sit on the 05 model which is why I'm considering the 05 (and 06 model - if it's the same height) instead.
  9. I've noticed on one of the reviews, it mentioned that the 2006 model has a seat height of '835 mm (32.9 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting'.

    Does this imply not all the 2006 R1's are adjustable? When they mention adjustable, do they mean adjusting the damper which in turn would lead to an adjustment in height with the rider sitting on the bike?
  10. you can get seat adjustment thingy's... not sure what theyre called

    its what girls get (since theyre mostly short)

    do that.
  11. haha - I'd prefer not to though. Not too fond of the idea of compromising the handling for a little comfort. Would prefer to have the bike at the correct ride height from the start..hehe
  12. I wasnt aware that anything gets compromised?
  13. oh wait - you said seat adjustment thingys'..
    I thought you meant actually lowering the bike itself. My bad.

    What are these seat adjustment thing's you're talking about? How do they work? I assume by the name of it, it somehow adjusts the seat height without affecting the actual height of the bike?

  14. 2004,2005,2006 R1's are exactly the same except for paint.

    2007,2008 are the same as each other except for paint.
    The changes compared with 04-06 are extensive changes to
    the engine, chassis, and subtle changes to the look.
    Overall the 07-08 are slightly faster and noticeably easier to ride.

    Engine changes include:
    -add slipper clutch
    -change 5-valve head to 4-valve
    -Fuel injection is fly-by-wire with variable intake length
    Chassis changes include:
    -new 6pot brakes and lighter discs for better steering
    -swingarm position moved for better traction
    -swingarm redesigned for more consistent handling

    There is more but those are the main things that you'd probably be interested in.
  15. Exactly what I was looking for.

  16. 05 was notorious for being ridiculously overgeared, but a sprocket and speedohealer will help with that.
  17. drop three on the front, and dont get a speedohealer. you'll be cruizin' at 200 in no time :cool:
  18. What do you mean by overgeared?

    Would that mean the 04's and 06's are overgeared too?
  19. I wouldn't say ridiculously, certainly over :grin: The was only problem is in slow traffic. It does 17kph idling at zero throttle, so your clutch gets a workout. But then you were only doing 4250rpm at 100kph, so petrol usage is down. The reason Yamaha did apparently was to make it less of a wheelie monster.

    Mine has the rear 47 stock changed to 45 and a few mods, and it will power wheelie in third now with some bodily encouragement. Stock gearing would reach @ 320kph if it had the power, so it's a bit optimistic.

    The 04-06 are all very similar, but not identical. There were many small refinements for both reliability and usability, but the only major change is a longer swingarm on the 06.

    The 07-08 has improved handling, but the engine changes essentially made no difference. All the dyno charts are within a few percent of each other. I thought about updating, but decided to spend the money on mods instead, which I think gave me a better bike over a stock 07. Opinions may differ :p

    That's what I'd recommend, get a low K 05-06 for @ 12000, spend 3-4000 on pipe+pc3, 45 sprocket, and some suspension work. You'll end up with a better bike than an 07-08, and it'll be better looking too :LOL:
  20. not sure, just heard about it from mates. you can make the handle bars higher and seat lower i think?