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Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by izan508, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. What is the lifespan of an early R1 provided it is regularly serviced? 100K?

    Im thinking of picking up 01 model with 45k on the clock, and I am just trying to see how much service life it will have left in her.

  2. My 98 has just over 90,000ks, had it since about 70,000ks.

    Still running strong(pow pow power wheelies still good in 1st and second :)), dosnt use any oil or water. Shifts sweet and has never missed a beat.

    I hear of people getting to 150,000 on early carby r1's.

    In the time ive had it its had a new front an rear tyre, got the front forks serviced and new chain an sprockets. I change oil every 5,000ks and just ride the thing.
  3. My ZZR250 had 45+k on the clock, for a litre bike that is just a warm up.
  4. So you're getting over 10,000km out of a set of tyres? :shock:

    Some early ones had dodgy clutches I'm told (or the thrashing they got was to much) but engine wise there shouldnt be a problem if maintenance is up to spec.
  5. Also make sure you give the gear box a good workout on a test ride. 2nd gear sometimes had problems.

    My 99 has had the fork selectors replaced from to many wheelies...

    But they are awesome bikes. Just clicked over 50,000kms and the engine and gearbox are still going sweet. But things like the brakes and suspension will need some work shortly.
  6. They're not exactly touring bikes so the people who ride them generally dont rack up the kms on them.

    But properly maintained there is no reason why they shouldnt get up to 300k on the odo. Most bikes are written off or end up in a shed long before that though, couriers seem to be the only ones who actually get those high numbers.
  7. 115 K. Standard servicing nothing else.

    As others have said make sure 2nd gear doesnt jump out.
  8. Except for that Englishman, Nick Sanders (I think is his name, can't be bothered to check) who traveled around the world a couple of times on different R1s. Apparently the bikes held up extremely well, even facing roads and conditions no ordinary R1 would ever come close to experiencing.
  9. Just had a look on ebay. Jeez some of the earlier ones are going cheap! Lot of bike for the coin.

    45k should be nothing to worry about mate. Hows the service history? Does it exist?

    My thinking would be that seeing as how they are so powerful, they would hardly get used within their limits, and thus don't get flogged in the same way a CBR250RR would... Opinions?

  10. Was thinking of him when posting so I took care to make sure 'generally' was in there :)
  11. I know a lot of the 98-99 ones have had gearbox problems with 2nd. Because 2nd is about the only gear the really gets a hard work out, as because you have mentioned they are so powerful anything past 2nd gear is getting into seriously high speeds.

    But it would come down to the individual rider, I know mine spent most of its time with the previous owner on either the front or back wheel. He seemed to like riding it with only one wheel on the ground for some reason :LOL:
  12. I heard that the second gear was weak up till 2002. But yeah they are going cheap at the moment.
    My next bike :)
  13. Like anything, you can service it forever if you like. You just need to do the sums is the extra service cost (as it does get more the older/more kms it gets) is worth the saving of the cheaper bike. Bikes really don't have that much to go wrong, unlike cars... So 99% of the time you should be fine.

    But if you are buying it from a dealer, and its close to its next service, get them to do it as part of the price!
  14. I'm 64kgs and spend 98% of my time 'cruising' down the freeway. I got some pilot road 2's on now an i expect to get 15-20k from them. That said i still frequently see silly speeds on the speedo so im not exactly babying it all the time. That said you cant actually push the thing all that hard unless you wanna be doing 200ks+ everywere all the time... i reckon you luck will run out way before the motor tires out!

    They do have 2nd gear issues, but so do most sports bikes... its not such an issue, more a sign of abuse. I figure my bike had probably had it done by a previous owner... when the guy rebuilt my front struts he said someone had put aftermarket valves in them and it had definately seen some track time because apparently the fluid in them was burnt.

    Its a tough old bike with character and enough go to keep up with about anything. For a street bike its just so strong in the mid range it make it a great street bike.

    As for the touring, i reckon my r1 is quite cumfy for daily duties.
  15. mate with 03 R1 put 140k on it before it blew a headgasket. That said, he could've just put a headgasket on it and it would still be running, but he already dumped over 6 grand on a full custom paintjob for it, so he'll be sending the motor to America to get the works done. Over 200+hp at the wheels. That said, he doesn't baby it either. Took it out to QR a fair bit.

    As others have suggested, it depends how it's been looked after and how frequently it has been maintained :)
  16. ALL modern Japanese engines are pretty much bulletproof these days. The original R1 did have issues with 2nd gear, but most of them would have long been fixed now.

    It was said that, of the first Gen R1's that were sold, more than 25% of them were involved in fatal accidents, a pretty scary statistic if it is true.

    Yes, of course you can tour on an R1, as Nick Sanders proved. You can also ride a "postie" across the Nullabor, (it's been done) or ride a CB125 around Australia (that's been done, too) but the question is, why would you? Buy the bike for the type of riding you're going to be doing most of, and you and the bike will be the happiest.

    I remember the debut of the R1 at Oran Park in late 1998 at the Formula Xtreme meeting. Benny Archibald rode a stocker for about 5 laps around the circuit. What a revelation that was!!!
  17. Was this because it was the first thou to break xxx HP while having only xxx kg?

    I heard the first gen r1's were pretty brutal too. Power delivery was a bit on the crazy side. Carby bike too. Quiet tempermental (sic?)
  18. Which is what makes them so much fun to ride.... If you ever get the chance take one for a decent fang, incredible power delivery, two big spikes, one at about 6000 and then another at about 9-10000rpm.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Geez I love my bike.
  19. Ive heard the brutal thing too, but my road car is a nasty 2.6 turbo in a sub 1 tonne car, so its natural for me :)

    I reckon its great, sure it will bite you but at the same same time it only does what you tell it to do :D

    Reason for the fatalities is cos it was the first true supersport bike. Lightweight, short wheel base, huge power and brakes. Until the gixxer thou in 2001 it was way ahead of all of its rivals.

    As for the firsts stuff, mine is chassis number 000010 :D First one ever regoed in victoria built in 01/98 :D

    Basically they are kickass. Heres a pic of my baby tucked away in my kitchen [​IMG]
  20. You keep yours in the Kitchen :LOL: :LOL: Love it... I felt bad cause I left mine without its cover on in the garage last night :oops: