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Yamaha R1-Z

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Reveler, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Howdy,
    There is a 1990 yamaha R1-Z near me and its $3990, the clock said its only done 7000km. i asked if it has been round once, and the guy at the dealership said it hasn't because its an import.

    anyone every riden one of these bikes before? if so what is your impression of them. the bike looks in good nick from what i've seen. any idea what price i should offer, i know these dealerships can hike there prices a bit

  2. Mighty big step up from a CB250 (Like Bond!) are you sure you're not being testosterone driven? Don't get me wrong testosterone is good when used correctly! but I'm spending too much time time lately visiting mates with broken bones!
  3. Not at all. An R1-Z is not the same as an R1, as an R1-Z is a naked 250cc twin!

    They generally come here from Japan, due to their regulations around age of vehicles and how costly they become as they get older. Most still have many good years and riding km's left on them.

    Sorry Reveler, don't know anyone that's ridden one or what they're approximate value would be. That said, $4k for a grey 1990 250 twin with 7k on the odo sounds a little high perhaps. Maybe starts your haggling at 3.2 and see where you end up. Being a twin and a 250, I'd definantly say to get an independant trusted friend/mechanic to have a look over it if you can.
  4. Thanks Jason I stand corrected! anywhere I can get a look at one so that I don't make the same mistake again? I'd hate to appear stupid rather than just blonde!
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  6. Looks a lot like Roderz FZR b4 the Sausage Gully incident & the GSX14 rebuild!
  7. I was reading a bit about this - a 2-stroker twin making 45hp - a tzr without fairings?? Quote below is from http://www.umgweb.com/member1/plusgr4.htm
  8. i took it for a ride today, seems in good nick, apparently its just had an engine rebuild. It was good fun, it does have a bit more zip in it then usual.

    its the first bike i've sat on that has more of a sport position and my legs hurt a bit. Only ever rode a CB250 before. Not sure if this is something that will change as i get use to it.

    also it has a kick start which is a bit wierd. Do two strokes always blow white smoke for the first minute or so?

    the guy will give it to me for $3500
  9. i noticed it had a bit more power. but no, im not a speed junky. specially after my first crash which cost my my cb250. i just need a reliable bike for under $4000.
  10. Reliability tends not to be something 2-strokes are known for. If you keep good care for it, and maintain it properly it won't be an issue, but they do tend to have more issues than 4 strokes.

    Some smoke is common - after all they are burning oil and fuel. My housemate bought a very clean '86 rz250r a while back for $2500, so $3500 doesn't seem too bad.

    Are you planning on insuring? If so there may be some problems given it's grey import status. Have you also looked into ease of part replacement?
  11. yes i am going to bump a 3 year old thread.

    R1-Z on ebay that i'm thinking of buying, wouldn't mind a 2 stroke for learners as love the mechanical stuff and would like something with a nice amount of zip.

    2 questions for anyone in the know.

    1) How big are they. I'm 6'4, so am i going to look like a hippo in a wheelbarrow?

    2) Any other advice?

    oh and 3) Parts availability?

    i hear they're basically a TZR250 naked version with dif frame etc. true?
  12. My advice is that if you can't physically look at and inspect the bike, don't bid on it.
  13. yeah, was only thinking about it if no-one else bid on it on ebay and then private sale.