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Yamaha R1 Information Seminar this Sunday 2nd December

Discussion in 'VIC' started by redninjabrah, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Happy to answer ALL questions and obviously show everyone how to maintain their R1's. From changing a headlight and oil changes, this seminar will cover what YOU want.

    The event is based here:

    Would like to meet some members of the forum and hopefully help some of the guys who want to know more about R1's/RoadBikes in general.

    Costing is to cover all expenses and hire a venue.

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  2. Interesting idea!
  3. Nickers330 has one he may lend! As long as someone buys it afterwards that is.
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  4. Great idea.
    Would be awesome if it wasn't that bike specific though, to me it's just useless this way.
  5. Can't hurt, the lessons you'd learn changing an R1 engine could be applied to any other bike. I've learnt more working on other people's bikes than doing the same old things over and over again on mine.
  6. Does anyone know of anything similar in NSW? I'd love to go to something like this.
  7. I have done engine swaps before, are you donating a bike? You have to help as well :D
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