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yamaha r1 exhaust sounds

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by adrianturbo, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. hi there every one im new to all this and road bikes just wondering if any one can tell me im looking at what exhaust i can get for an r1 2004-2006 but was looking around and noticed that there is a different sound from an 04 to say like an 08 or 09 like the 09 model has a real beefier note as to the 04 has sort of like a zippy note is it something to do with motor have they changed something and can i make an 04 r1 sound like the new 09 and newer bikes

  2. From '09 onwards they completely changed the engine. The distinctive sound of '09 onwards is a product of the engine change.
  3. 09 onwards have a flat plane crank giving it a distinct idle and apparently gives it far more torque than a traditional in line 4 banger. I'll let you know what one is like when my mate lets me ride his 2012 R1...
  4. Two Bothers M2 Carbons. FTW - Louder than a nun taking it up the bum.

    As stated above, its the BIG BANG 4 that gives it the distinctive sound.
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  6. I've also been searching for a mate. I highly rate; Termigoni, Leo Vince and the graves cans. He's ended up buying a full Leo Vince system as he's had them before and the quality is great.
  7. I have a yoshi TRC pipe on my fz1, which is basically the same as the '02 20 valve engine.. Sounds real nice.
  8. I have 2bros on my 04 r1

    are they loud - yes
    are they deep - so so
    do they look good - well much better than the other brands in my opinion

    buy them from

    its the best price I found on the net for about $760 delivered from the states

    this is what my bike sounds like in my garage filmed with the door closed on my htc legend phone

  9. Its cross plane.

    It minimises crank deceleration during the cycle that the flat plane ones experience.

    Its a bugger to ride in commute scenarios as they are rough down low. You need to rev a bit and ride the clutch to smooth out slow maneuvering. You seem to only use 1st & 2nd most of the time. They have plenty of poke but so do the other thou's. If you aren't riding on the track you won't notice the extra torque so much (as you'll constantly exceed speedlimits looking for it) and you'd just get it for the sound.

    My brother has a 2010 with GYTRs and its got a nice sound. Rode it for a few days but happy to be back on my 6ixxer.
  10. Sorry, got my planes mixed up.
  11. I'm glad that's you...and not me :D