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Yamaha R1...2008 model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Okay ladies and gents, some personal experience, ideas and feedback required on the Yamaha R1 2008.
    Who's got one ? Goods/Bads ? Colour ? Comfy for extended road trips ? Fuel Economy ? etc etc

    Just trying to learn more about this bike. All feedback(and as much as possible) much appreciated. I've read articles upon articles on it. However I'd prefer to hear of your experiences.
  2. I had a black one and just sold it a few months ago. Great bike and can't really fault it. I got around 180km/tank out of it.
  3. Thanks methd. One I like is Black also :cool:
    That 180 per tank... suburban or open riding ? Normal or 'pushing it' ?
    Not that it falls into a touring class of bike :LOL: , just nice to know.
    PS- I know there was a thread regarding fuel economy recently. I'll check that out also.
  4. mainly city/suburb riding and riding a bit faster than traffic with a twist here and there. I took it to the GOR a few times and it's not the most comfortable of bikes, but I could handle it :) I certainly know that the seat is heaps more comfortable than the bike i ride now !

    i would buy it again if that matters.
  5. Very helpful advice, thank you. Well, have my bro (who rides the same bike, white/red) on his way right now checking one (black) out for me (hate being overseas with work :mad: )... so who knows..the gleaming Gixer baby of mine might be up for sale sooner than planned... (wink, wink to anyone interested in a K7 GSXR750).
    Thanks again dude..
    PS- Love your bike also.
  6. Haven't ridden one, but a friend has one (k8) and they are so hot!

    His is for sale actually, can't remember the kms but sub 10k.
  7. Thanks phizog..well, I'll wait and see how my bro's inspection of one goes today...otherwise, might need to get more details off you :)

    He's checking out one today with a little over 1,000km, Black/gold (stock with the exception of Oggy Knobs), 2008 model...price (T.B.A. later) was too good to pass up.... fingers crossed.
  8. ditching the gixxer already!!?

    it cant be that bad!
  9. Mate, the day the Gixxer departs (anytime soon, by the looks of it) will be a very sad day. Not only is it a great bike, but every service centre it's been to have been awestruck by it's 'awesomeness'... :) (seriously) Never before has a bike so perfect ; sparkling ; polished and well looked after graced their stores..this being what they each told me.

    The bike inspection today, of the Black/Gold 2008 R1 carried out by my bro, a 2008 (White/Red) R1 rider himself went well. It has a total of 1100km, 1yr warranty remaining and is in great nick, being totally stock, with the exception of Yamaha GYTR Crash Knobs. Apart from a tiny mark on the stock pipes, the rest is as-new. I plan on modding it with Akrapovic Carbon slip-ons soon after purchase, so that didn't worry me in the slightest.

    I had no intention of upgrading just yet, as the Gixxer750 is a perfect bike and has been serving me very well, never missing a beat...moreso always turning heads. I know I will return to one again in the future as it's such a lovely bike, however this R1 deal seemed too good to be true ! The best part being that it was (true). Considering all options, I decided to go with it - a deposit has been placed on the R1.

    This does officially mean that my stunning Gixxer is up for sale. Will need to sell it to fund the R1, though I wish I could keep them both :) A picture of the Gixxer can be seen on my profile. Any expressions of interest, please PM for further details. Details/pics will be posted in the appropriate section as soon as the purchase of the R1 is confirmed, early-mid next week.

    Adios, soon, to a perfect example of a bike, the Gixxer750 and soon to be welcomed - undoubtedly, one of the most respected thou's roaming the streets. Well, that's what the bro keeps telling me :) Time to wait and see.

    So, anyone looking for a Gixxer ? :cool:
  10. are you nigerian doing a nigerian scam, overseas and buying a bike? :grin:

    good choice in bikes, love them, go well, sound great, im sure u will love it, when do u get back to OZ for a test run

    edit.. and here is your new avatar to replace the 1 u have now :)

  11. Hahahaha, Nigerian ? LOL Being overseas has its advantages mate, but when it comes to events like this, I HATE not being there in person...
    Luckily my brother (a legend) is doing most of the work for me during my absence.

    I was actually looking for a new avatar but tried delaying it for the sake of appearing to 'jump ship' too early to all the Gixxer brethren :) But thanks mate, you're a champ.. I'll save it and officially declare 'R1 Day' when appropriate, courtesy of Goz.

    I'm like a nervous wreck at the moment...waiting for every sms, call from Oz to notify me of further developments....damn it, I didn't sleep last night coz of it :LOL:

    Oh, and lastly...I'm back in Melbourne (hopefully sooner) around 17th August. By that stage the deal should have been fully completed and all paperwork, mods (already have a list of 'em :) ) carried out, again courtesy of the bro.

    Can't wait to ride her.......now, about the bike.. :wink:
  12. Congratulations for the new bike \:D/
    Mine is White/Red, I love mine and am sure you'll love it too :wink:
    They're not the most economical bikes out there, but hey who buys a race replica bike for economy.
  13. Thanks AlexEm.
    Nice choice of colours mate - my bro's is the same...and it looks crazy hot !
    Oh well, just as well that we don't have the same colour...I'd hate for him to confuse mine for his ...and vice versa, of course :)
  14. Hey AlexEm!!!!

    Top bike!!!!

    good call dude!!!Couldn't agree with ya more :LOL: