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VIC Yamaha R1 2004 Stolen on test ride!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Sheeth, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. A friend of mine recently had his R1 stolen on a test ride, the rider leaving a stolen car as security. He is determined to catch the guy and is offering a $1000 reward, here's the info he sent me.

    Yamaha R1 2004 Grey/silver registered plates of PHAAT. Vin # JYARN124X4A000954 Engine # N590E018272 Had 9,200 kms at the time.
    Bike was in perfect condition, Tinted windscreen, standard Yamaha black mufflers that had been modified to straight through sports style.

    $1000 CASH REWARD offered for any information leading to the recovery of the bike.
    Ph. 0418390764
    Stolen on 31st Dec 2011 about 5pm, taken for a test ride from Edithvale. leaving a green Ford Ute as security, and didnt return.
    He was wearing white tank top and shorts, had a pink/white AGV helmet..
    European appearance, mid 20's, short buzz cut, 5ft 6, bit of a schnoz, claimed he lived in Dandenong. Looked a bit like Valentino Rossi, went by the name of Daniel.

    Was driving a lime green Ford XR ute 2009 which was stolen and didnt have matching plates.
    Plates came from a blue XR6 ute SET 479, the green ute had been stolen from Moorabbin, before xmas and its original rego was PANDA0
    It appears that he was driving it since then.

    Any information can be sent to bikemagic@optusnet.com.au




  2. Daaaamn that sucks big time, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.

    Just out of curiosity would insurance cover your mate as it was theft?
  3. If he actually lives where he claims to, I'll keep an eye out.
  4. I am dead sure that I have seen these plates in last 10 days... Just cant remember where....possibly beach road during Christmas time or on Warrigal Road... Sorry...donno if that helps...
  5. Guy didn't ask to hold onto his license to check if he was even able to ride a motorcycle?
  6. Will keep an lookout for you on the road
  7. its a shame you can't trust anyone any more. will keep a look out
  8. :( Bugger.

    No license and collaterol, no ridey.

    I left my GF behind one time when I did a test ride... that seemed to be sufficient collaterol for the owner of the bike lol :)
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  9. What a cunt of an act on New Year's Eve!!!!
    Really sorry for your mate, Sheeth :(
    As Blade1000 said, and I hope I'm not imagining things, but I recall seeing this plate somewhere recently.
    Going by the fact I was in Mornington on NYE, and returned on NY Day back up the Eastlink, I wouldn't be surprised if it was on that day ? Though I cannot guarantee this, it would make sense, being that Dandenong is in the area.
    Most of my time is spent around Templestowe and the City.
    Today I will be venturing to Preston, Epping and Mill Park areas. Will keep a close eye on this fucktard and if I see anything, not only will I let you know (immediate call/SMS...with pics!) but will stop him for a 'casual chat'....one of those 'wow dude...awesome bike...you selling it?' chats.
    Tell your mate to keep his chin up - idiots like this one don't get away with crime for too long, based on his colorful history with stolen ute.
    Which reminds me - have the police been notified? Surely he's left finger prints on the steering wheel.....Also, being that it's a ute, and that his appearance is described as a young 'rev-head', he would have had to stop somewhere for fuel, ie..at a petrol station..with *ka-ching* video surveillance (Identifying purposes)...

    I wish I was a cop sometimes.....

  10. I'll keep an eye out in the North up Broadford, Seymour way, I'll be headed to Shepparton tonight so I'll squiz through the bike yards in case he's traded it
  11. That is a low act, I'll keep an eye out also.
  12. Yes as far as I understand the keys to the stolen car were left as collateral. thanks for keeping an eye out as im sure he appreciates that a lot.
  13. Good luck, guys...
  14. Ill keep an eye out from the city to Moorabbin/Mentone area when im heading to work.

    Thats a prick's act.... Something said for no money, no ride!!!!
  15. Yeah thanks guys,

    The cops have been notified, but we ll know how useful they are at finding bikes!

    Insurance is an interesting question, it might cover him, might not. I'm not sure what the deal is if you hand over the keys!

    Keep an eye out guys, this guy is a proper scumbag - and 'when' we find him he's going to know about it don't you worry.

    Thanks again.
  16. keys handed over under fraudulent false pretenses ?
  17. I think the insurance company will have to cough it up. You handed the key to the prospective buyer for a test ride but he left behind a stolen vehicle which you wouldn't possibly had known. Make sure you send them a police report as well.

    Anyway, I'll keep an eye out around Dandenong area...
  18. Will keep an eye out mate. Good luck to him.
  19. What a dog act as a few others have said the plates are really familiar but I'll keep an eye out werribee way
  20. Bad news right on Xmas, I ride the YarraValley regularly and will certainly be keeping a lookout. Hope this sort of low life gets their just reward