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Yamaha R-125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrtypeR, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. There's been news on this for over a year. Yamaha has so far been reluctant to import it. Probably because of our vehicle tastes and driving style.

    Maximum power at 9000rpm? That suggests around 17hp. Either way its a very basic engine design. I doubt its going to cost 7k. I love the way it looks tho.
  2. It looks good, but no thanks.

    I'll keep on praying for the return of 400cc sportbikes instead.
  3. Cb400 with fairings...mmmm
  4. And a 20kg diet :LOL:
  5. Like I said in another thread, it'd be a hoot if they shoehorn their 250 or 450cc dirt bike engines into it!

    So yes, bring back the 400 bikes!

    - boingk
  6. ive got a test ride on one of these coming up in a few weeks.. as soon as the demo model comes in.
    will be interesting to compare my cbr125r against this yzfr125.
    but yes, i think we are all agreed, bring back the 400s :biker:
  7. [​IMG]

    ^ This is why it'll cost 7K. They'll be happy to pay it. Its a poser bike. If you look quick you could mistake it for a 600.

    And thank fcuk cos it means the end of 6K cbr's with tyga kits.
  8. People will pay $7k for that for the same reason that people pay $5k - $6k for a 20 year old CBR250RR. It looks better than a VTR250.
  9. or you could pay $8k for a ninja250r which is a great little bike.
  10. I think the advertiseing department got payed more than the engineering department for that one :LOL: I'll pass I think.
  11. They certainly look a lot more aggressive than the cbr125, although i wouldn't use it anywhere my pushbike couldn't take me anyway...

    I wouldn't need to bother with putting all my gear on that way either..
  12. They referred to it as a supersport in the ad. :eek: :shock: I thought supersport = 600.
  13. Haha Supersport?
    If all it takes is 17HP to be a supersport then my Madass should be selling for a lot more than it is.
    This is a poser bike, nothing more.
  14. I'd wait and see how the thing handles before everyone writes it off as a poser bike. Sure it might be a bit wimpy in the power department, but if its got good running gear then it could still be a hoot to ride.

    But, as everyone can see from my $3k RS125 and $2k GS850, I'm not exactly going to be fronting up to pay the premium to ride one...

    - boingk
  15. Does have fuel injection, which the Ninja & CBR125R do not(?) and the VTR will only start to have this year.
  16. Probably. Its in an efficiency-oriented market.
    The CBR125R has fuel injection, as does the European Ninja 250R. We get jibbed on the Ninja for some reason.
  17. To keep costs down!
  18. when i was at the Sydney motorcycle show (twice) last year, had a few mates working the Yamaha stand, they said they had so much interest in the bike it wasnt funny so i think it will be a seller

  19. ive course it will sell, look at it, people pay upwards of 5k for a cbr250. whcih looks better this or the cbr? i used to be in the same boat i wanted a 250 that looked good but would never have paid more than 5k for one.

    I ended up righting my 4000 grand zzr of, which didnt have comp. I would have necked my self if i wrote of a 7000 bike with no comp. And anyway for another 1200 i could by my current bike. its pathetic.

    But you know what they say about a fool and his money.