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Yamaha OEM "LED Blinker Plus" w/ Relay

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Named, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I need some guidance with regard to changing out the stock indicators on my 2016 MT-03.

    I've shopped around a bit so I know there are (much) cheaper options but I really like the functionality of the Yamaha OEM LED Blinker Plus:
    LED Blinkers Plus - Rear | Y-Shop Australia

    You can see them in action here:

    I want to get the front and rear sets... the mounting adapters and resistors come included but i'd much rather change the relay because this seems like a more elegant solution than just adding resistance to keep the OEM relay happy.

    I'm wondering if something like this would work:
    Rizoma Electronic Signal Flasher Kit

    I have zero electrical experience so I am well out of my depth here.
  2. Look on ebay for MOTORCYCLE RECYCLERS. I bought a relay for $34 that plugs into the same spot as the original. Haven't swapped it in yet as I'll need to unwire the resisters from the led indicators (genuine yammy MT-09 ones).