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Yamaha MT09X ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dobbo, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Any word on the Yamaha MT09X arrival?

    As there are no Yamaha dealerships within 150km of me, i thought I'dask you guys!
    I was keen on the MT09, but the pending arrival of the X version would be more suitable for me, especially with a larger fuel tank, screen, upright ride position & some capability for easy dirt.

    Is it coming to Australia?

    When is it expected to arrive?

    What is the expected price?

  2. I was at the dealer on Thursday and asked those very questions!

    Yes, he believed it was coming.

    He didn't have a date, but his best guess was June(ish) - allowing for the release of the R1.

    No idea on the price...

    Not much help, but maybe someone else has spoken to a dealer that is more 'in the know'!
  3. Yeah I asked Blacktown Yamaha, they weren't sure.

    The yanks have already got theirs. I thought it might be because Yamaha Australia wants to get rid of the TDM that they have first (usa never got those) but they still have them at $14 so....

    Reports from the states have them too low clearance and hitting speed humps, I decided not to wait.
  4. I have found out the MT09X is being released in Australia under the name 'MT09 Tracer', due here mid April, rrp unknown yet! :D
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  5. The Australian launch event began yesterday.
  6. This is actually one bike that I am quite seriously interested in.
  7. I'm aure I read somewhere its 14990rrp
    I'll try and find it.
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  8. Hmm that says late Feb.

    Though I just bought something else
  9. Should be a great all rounder. Gem of an engine, we already know that.
    Traction control, abs, screen, hand guards, hard panniers all as standard.
    Looks pretty cool in my opinion.
    Wonder if the suspension is any different? The mt09 suspension is probably pretty well suited to touring anyway. Maybe the ability to carry a bit more weight on the rear is needed?

    I think they'll sell a few of these.
  10. Not saying it's a better bike. BUT it's cheaper, lighter, more powerful and has more standard features than a triumph tiger 800 abs. Admittedly more bitumen road orientated than the tiger with seemingly less clearance and probably not as off road capable suspension as the tiger.
    Interesting though.
  11. The new off road xcx tiger is like $20k. That's not in the same bracket.

    This will be shopped against the roadie tiger and the f700gs.

    Getting a Yamaha for $16k with those features would be very tempting.
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  12. I didn't say tiger 800 xcx. I said tiger 800 abs. It's very similar in features to the standard tiger 800, but a couple k cheaper
  13. I want.

    Panniers as standard is a nice touch, or is that on all Adv bikes these days?
  14. Usually an option i think?
    It is really good value for what you get. Continuing In the same vein as the std mt09.
  15. Was in the shop today, Tracer is pretty much exactly what I was looking for to compare against the BMW f700 gs, the salesman never mentioned it and was stealing me away from the Tenere towards the mt09. I will straight up ride both and then hit him up for when the tracer will be available.
  16. Spoke to the guys in Yamaha city today.
    They reckon they'll have a Tracer by next week.

    Said they'd have a demonstrator too.

    Looking to be 16k on road. Including paniers.

    I'll get a test ride and blog piece done ASAP.
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  17. Trooper Lu's here in Syd took delivery of their demo today and put it together same day ready to test ride. If didn't already have my mt09 I'd probably have gone for the tracer. Still will probably test ride it though, should be a great bike.
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  18. Albury isn't 150km away is it.