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Yamaha MT09A

Discussion in 'Naked' started by BitSar, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. #1 BitSar, Jun 5, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
    I've left the Italian mistress behind and have gone for something more, and ironically, less conventional.

    The 2015 Yamaha MT09A.
    When first released in 2013 I was intrigued by this bike and tested one:

    I may have been a little harsh - but I stand by my overall account.

    So you might be surprised to learn I've chopped in my Aprilia. I ended the affair and bought a hooligan.

    As always, I will Blog about my experience with the bike, the places it takes me - maintenance, mods and getting on with it day to day.

    Post 1 - Genesis:

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  2. I just had a squiz at your blog. There's some great stuff in there and the photos are gorgeous BitSarBitSar .

    Congrats on your new ride. May it make you very happy! :happy:
  3. Thanks Berri......watch this space for fun times :)
  4. Awesome photos!

    Congrats on the new hooligan.
  5. Nice. You've just bought the exact bike I want in 6 months.

    Nice photos in the blog too. I'll be sure to give it a look when it's updated.
  6. Cheers all.
  7. Enjoy. You will be wearing the MT grin!
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  8. Awesome bike - but I do love an Italian as well :p
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  9. Finally woke up, then?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the Yamahahahahahaha......
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  10. Cheers fella.
    She's a goodin'
  11. Good choice! I bought the same bike just under two months ago but in the 'Deep Armour' colour. I left the suspension stock for about a month and then changed it to the Sportrider magazine suggested settings, lazy I know, but even still it was a significant improvement, I may tweak it a little more in the future, but for now I am quite content.
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  12. Nice work

    Out of interest. What were the Sportrider settings?
  13. Front Preload: 2 Lines Showing
    Front Rebound: 0.5 turns out
    Rear Preload: position 5 of 7
    Rear Rebound: 1 turn out

    So after looking at your blog I think you're not far off at the moment. I'm about 85kg with gear and I have my tyre pressures at 33/33. The bike certainly feels a lot more sure-footed than it did with the stock settings. I'm sure it's nowhere near a Supersport but it does feel competent in my opinion, but this after coming from a GS500, so my 'bar' isn't particularly high.
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  14. Thanks for the info lads.
  15. Any fellow MT09'ers running the carbon Akrapovic?
    I see this system is headers, mid and canister - without catalytic converter.
    ECU remap? Tune required?
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  16. Hey BitSarBitSar did you go for the Akro pipe? I was with my Mate who just set up his penske suspension today for a test ride - he has the Akro pipe fitted (end can). One of the guys at PITS showed him how to change the mapping. You basically hold both dash buttons down as you turn the ignition on and 'CO' comes up. Then alter each cylinder from standard '0' setting to '14' which apparently is the best map / setting for the akro. Do it for each cylinder. My Mate said it was much smoother delivery and cut down on the backfire's - so seems to be more efficient.

    I may be teaching you to suck eggs Mate, i don't know. Apparently well documented steps on the 09 web forum.
    iClintiClint may be news for you too.

    I have to say the bike look good following it in the twisties of the Old Pac. My Mate had good pace on downhill runs and good feeling from the front, but we're guessing it was the weight distribution over the front. Runs uphill were were still flighty, but the torque of the thing makes it very light. Smooth on the throttle. Every run was an improvement though. Cracking bike.
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