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Yamaha MT07 Servicing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by The_R00, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Just bought this bike about a month ago and at the time was told that the servicing schedule was 1000km and then even 10,000km there after.

    Just had the first service done and the report says next service due after 6,000???? When I look online everything I find is overseas and in miles, which once again says 6,000. Whats the go? are we getting ripped or am I interpreting this wrong?
  2. It's every 10,000kms, but a lot of shops will tell you to do it at 6000km. Personally, i think if you use a premium quality full synth oil, every 10,000 is enough.
    Unless your being very hard (track days etc).
  3. No way would I let oil sit in my new bike for 9000 klms. No more than 5000 klms for me. And 500 klmsfor my wr450.
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  4. You should find confirmation on your owners manual on distance between services, although there is no harm in doing a mid service oil change yourself.

    And, I agree with Bam Bam, after dropping the oil in my Monster at 7,500ks (15,000k service intervals), it was still great in colour, no debris etc and nothing noteworthy on the magnetic sump plug. 10,000km intervals should be fine for most people, on most bikes for normal riding.

    Here's some interesting reading on oil filters, this plays a big part in the condition of your oil and will reflect on the life of an engine.

    OIL FILTERS EXPOSED! - Introduction

    Motorcycle Oil Filter Comparison
  5. The official service manual lists intervals as 6000miles/10,000km.

    Have a look and a read of it - would be good to have a basic (at the very least) understanding of what is covered in each service.

    Mine is booked in for its 40,000km service - a big one - on Friday.

    As with anything - it pays to shop around. Quotes varied widely between dealers.....