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Yamaha MT07 HO

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  1. They are one sweet looking machine!

    I originally wanted a MT 07 HO but ended up with a SV650,

    Congrats on the bike! Enjoy it!
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  2. nice mate any reason you didn't want the mt-09 over this?
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  3. Congrats :)
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  4. Nice looking bike man. Im guesing youre a bit smaller than me, as at 110KG in gear I felt like I might crush the poor thing.

    The swept back bars are a bit funny too, if I were you id replace them with some drag bars or standards.
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  5. here you go SibiSibi - your next bike
  6. Wanted a commuter bike and I'm short. The MT07 has better fuel economy and was slightly more comfortable/shorter :)
  7. The only con is that the clutch lever is not adjustable and engages a little far out. I've ordered adjustable shorty levers, waiting for them to be delivered.
  8. Looks great - enjoy.
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  9. Nothing like a few photo's of a naked chic on the beach...Sooo jealous
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  10. very nice (y)...
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  11. Nice one mate I just picked up my mt07 lams such a comfy bike love it
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  12. gday mate, head over to the Welcome Lounge and tell us a bit about yourself and your ride.