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Yamaha MT03 Australian release?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by davidxhn, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    Does anyone know if the Yamaha MT03 will be release in Australia? I just got back from Europe & saw a few of these bikes around. Check out the europe site for somemore info & pictures on the bike.

  2. From what I've read it seems largely regarded as a big dud.
  3. I doubt it, it's been available in Europe for close to two years but Yamaha Australia never seemed interested in bringing it here. I guess they feel there would be no market for it.
  4. Which is weird given the huge number of dirtbikes in Australia and the fact that motard style bikes like the MT-03 would make the perfect bike for dirt riders wanting to switch to road, especially since it would most likely be LAMs legal.
  5. I agree, but maybe they feel they have this part of the market already covered with their XT660X? (which I think uses the same engine, doesn't it?)
  6. Yeah same engine, and about the same weight. Thing is though the XT is basically just a dirtbike with small wheels, and the seat is way to high for a lot of riders. The MT however looks like a proper road bike and would be far more practical for daily commuting. And really what else has Yamaha got at the moment for learners other than the 250cc Scorpio. Given the GS500 is one of the biggest selling bikes in the country it's obvious there is a demand for larger, LAMs legal, bikes - yet it's a demand the manufacturers seem to be ignoring.
  7. i don't think you can buy them new, but the SZR660 is supposed to be a bloody nice bike. similar engine to the XT660X/MT-03 (supposedly more reliable), with great brakes and suspension.

    What's wrong with "a dirtbike with small wheels" ? you've obviously never ridden one, have you? :)

  8. This is a good little lams option, but I think $8000 - $9000 is a better price point.