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Yamaha MT01 Anybody out there own one ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade from my VT750 which has served me well, but was my first bike after a 10 year spell of not riding and was really only to see if I got bitten by the bug again, which I have ....

    Which brings me to my next question ....I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger bike (preferably 1000cc or larger). I love the riding position of a cruiser but having said that, I'm open to suggestions. I'm a bit too old and tired to be leaning across tanks so a sports bike is not for me.

    I've considered the Suzuki GSX1400 and Yamaha XJS1300, because of their fantastic write ups and comfortable seating position etc,.Not to mention I love the look of them both too....HOWEVER...

    I also love the look of the MT-01. Apparantly a cross between a cruiser and sports tourer (if you believe the marketing hype) AND a V-Twin which I just know I'm going to miss if I go for an inline 4. Suprisingly too, it's only 10kg heavier than the other two bikes I've mentioned as well.

    Thing is....I know they're regarded as a bit of a "toothless tiger", but in what terms I'm not sure. I also know they were a bit of a marketing disaster and sales have never been that high. The latter could have something to do with the original listing price of 22k.

    The prices seem to have really taken a dive, no doubt due to the un-popularity , but is there really anything wrong with them other than they're quirky and different ? I've read all sorts of differing reviews but would love to actually hear from an "owner" rather than a seller.

    As you can probably tell, I just don't want to end up with an orphan or worse, a lemon.

    Thanks for reading....Any suggestions ?
  2. I'd also considered an MT-01 recently, they look awesome and would sound great with a set of cans, but after the ownership experience of a prior V-twin in the heat, the bike just got really hot in between the legs :) ... not in a pleasant way!.

    I'd also looked at the other two bikes you mentioned (GSX and XJS), and ended up with a CB1300 and absolutely loving it!.
  3. With a stage 3 hot-up they're supposed to be a lot more fun than standard, but look at the outlay, for that money you could get pretty much anything on the market.
  4. At age 41? Kevin Curtain is your age. Troy Bayliss is 39. Go watch the kids show "Lazytown" (ah the joys of having kids eh?) and marvel at the antics of "Sportacus", a 44yo actor with more strength, stamina, balance, muscular control and a better physique than 99% of 20yo's.

    Hey, if sports-bikes aren't your thing that's fine, but at age 41 your body is still a Grand Canyon leap away from "old and tired" provided that you give it some stimulus and exercise regularly.

    In short, use it or lose it. If you've lost it at 41, then it's still not too late to get it back.

    Sorry for getting off-topic. I just hate to think that there's 40yo guys out there who think that their days in the sun are over.
  5. Netrider 'Troy' has an MT-01, although I haven't seen him posting for a while
  6. Actually it was my way of saying that sports bikes scare the crap out of me and while I'm happy cruising at a margin over the speed limit, a rocket ship that can propel me to 200kph in a matter of a few seconds would be wasted (and dangerous) in my hands.
  7. No idea personally, but I've recently pestered a few people about them - all of them loved it. It's not really toothless, from what they've said - give them a bit of stick and they'll get up and boogie pretty well.

    I can understand the attraction, they're good looking and distinctive things and will one day be a cult bike for sure. At the moment their resale value is absolute rubbish so it might be a good time to buy.

    But I can understand people's criticisms of them as well. Too slow to be a sportsbike, too upright to be a cruiser and all that.
  8. I'd be all over one if it wasn't for the scary pricetag.
  9. ive got one and i love it
    there has been a write up here in netrider somewhere

    a bit about the bike
    its big, it pulls hard in any gear, and it attracts people
    a set of pipes and air filter does wonders to it
    handles extreamly well for a bike this heavy and is not afraid to go hard around turns
    can do wheelies but dosnt hold for very lond due to it short rev range
    it will do around the 230-250ks per tank depending on how you like to rev

    the good thing about it:
    its different and fun to ride, easy on the wrist and you dont crap up on long rides
    can take on any 1000cc bike for the first 3 gears after that they will fly past you ( you will be doing well in the 130 - 140 kph)
    all the power is down and the bike is really user freindly
    will lane split

    the bad
    not very good for pillion unless they are short... 155cm max
    does get hot in summer unless moving

    overall if you like the looks then get it... you wont be upset with it

    i hope this helps in anyways

    and hornet.... im still around just dont post as much but still like to read lol
    and dont worry when your in melb i still owe you that coffee..... i still remember :)
  10. haha was gonna say troy does, but u beat me to it :p
    and he knows how to ride it too :grin:
    need to catch up for a cruise mate!
    hows the ankle biters?
  11. If you try the MT-01 and don't like it (I didn't, though I really wanted to) then do yourself a favour and add the CB1300 to your big fours list. I know, I'm saying this because I have one, but I have one because I first tried the others.
  12. they are going good mate lol
    and the new addition to the family will be here soon as well
    but yeah when the weather is better we'll get the bikes up there again
    hopefully by then ill have the new chain and sprockets
    going for the larger rear and see what happens lol