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Yamaha MT-10

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BitSar, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Looks like the FZ1N might finally be done.

    Enter the MT-10
    If this thing has the YZFR1 bainger in it.......well......

    FIRST LOOK: Yamaha MT-10
    By Rennie Scaysbrook | 11/16/2015 1:58 PM
    Yamaha’s Dark Side of Japan platform just got a lot darker (or florescent, depending on where you look), as the company unveiled one of the surprises of the EICMA Show in Milan, the MT-10.

    This is the first four-cylinder machine in the MT (branded FZ in the U.S.), line-up, and is a return to the ethos of the extremely popular FZ1 machine, a nakedbike that borrowed its powerplant from the YZF-R1.

    As such, the new MT-10 is powered by a derivative of the crossplane crank engine found in the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1, a machine that itself came out with a host of revisions at the start of this year. It’s more than just the engine, as the Deltabox chassis and suspension is both taken from the superbike.

    Yamaha is keeping closed lipped about the horsepower and torque figures, although don’t be surprised if the MT punches out north of 150hp at the rear wheel considering the YZF-R1 is good for around 165hp. That’ll make for serious one-wheeled fun with wheelbase reported at 55.1in.

    Yamaha has also fitted a cruise control system to the MT that engages above 32mph, three variable riding modes, three-stage traction control, four-piston front brake calipers ABS, a slipper clutch and seriously edgy styling. However, the new MT does not get electronic suspension like the YZF-R1M, and will have its suspension taken care of by 43mm fully-adjustable forks and a rear monoshock.

    FIRST LOOK: Yamaha MT-10
  2. " don’t be surprised if the MT punches out north of 150hp at the rear wheel considering the YZF-R1 is good for around 165hp"

    Must be an American thing. It's 200hp for an R1 here.
  3. Sounds more like the previous motor.
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    Upgrade time BitSarBitSar ? :sneaky:


    Although i see you on this one...

  5. If they sort the suspension out that'll be a seriously fun bike me thinks
  6. Some info

    Highlights of the 2016 Yamaha MT-10:

    • Natural and versatile forward leaning riding position
    • Wide and upright tapered handlebars
    • Aggressive mass forward body design
    • Shortest-in-class 1,400mm wheelbase for light and neutral handling
    • Lightweight aluminium Deltabox main frame with optimized strength/rigidity balance
    • YZF-R1-derived race-developed suspension with revised settings
    • 320mm dual front discs with radial mount 4-pot calipers with ABS
    • Lean and athletic mass forward body styling with iconic MT family DNA
    • 17-litre fuel tank
    • Lightweight 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels
    • Specially-developed Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport tyres
    • 12v DC outlet as standard equipment, to power Genuine Yamaha heated grips
    • Newly designed LCD multi function instrument panel
    • QSS (Quick Shift System) available as an option
    • Powerful and aggressive mono-focus dual LED headlights
    • LED position light with newly designed lens
    • LED turn signals and license plate light
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  7. So according to that press release it's looking quite like a sterilized Japanese tuono. Or just a bit more exciting than that naked gixxer suzuki just released. It better have 200hp; otherwise it won't stand out.
  8. Doubt it will have 200hp if its going to live up to the "masters of torque" mantra of the MT range. i'd guess 150-160 with way more bottom end than the R1.
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  9. Gee it looks a LOT heavier than the -09 though. Wonder what the weight difference would be?
  10. So......it's a Decepticon? If that front doesn't come alive and talk..........
  11. I agree - with these style bikes it is less about peak horsepower and more about torque/rideability.

    I'm a massive fan of the MT-09 and would still get one in a heartbeat - hopefully the MT-10 pushes their price down :D
  12. So the MT-09 is around 12k ride away? Cheaper in places.....

    The GSX-S1000 is around $14,950 + ORC.

    If this comes in at the same price I wouldn't be surprised. And if it does, it will eat the GSX-S1000 alive. I like the GSX-S1000, but would take the MT10 over it.
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  13. Doesn't look that great in the pics but I think I'll wait until I see one in person. I definitely think the black version looks better.

    I hated the S1000R when I first saw it in pics but now that I've seen a few in person they have kinda grown on me.
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  14. Still loving the MT-09 - the light and a little bit crazy bike that it is.

    I'm definitely going to ride one of these bastards when they hit Aussie shores though.
    Just for 'completeness'
  15. Think I'll be keepin' the FZ1
  16. When are they supposed to be coming out?
  17. Awesome! I want one!

    Looks like there's a bit more of a reach to the bars, not as upright as the mt-09.
  18. When will we be able to see this in person. Mel moto expo?
  19. Already have comments about suspension issues, and the bike isnt even out yet?

    I am interested in this bike, it says that it has fully adjustable suspension, have you ridden or been informed of some issues with this bike already?
  20. Last I heard from Yamaha Australia it's looking to be 1st quarter 2016
    RRP ~22k.......ouch!

    It this eventuates, I'd spend the extra ~2K and get a Tuono....
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