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Yamaha MT-09

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  1. Nice bike, from what I have read great fun. Have never ridden one but I think it will definatly be on my radar for a next bike.

    Have you had it long and what do you think of it?
  2. They are an awesome bike. I have an MT-07 and my brother has a MT-09 :)

    Yours looks awesome :)
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  3. Had it for about 6 months and clocked about 10,000kms.

    Engine is one of the best ones I have ever ridden. It is a really light feeling, maneuverable bike, with a riding position that is more super motard than naked bike. Suspension comes very soft as standard and make it feel like a "pogo stick" at times, but with some adjustment is ok up to 8/10ths. If you plan on taking it to the track or drive on the limit on the road (shame on you) you will need to upgrade the suspension. On the first year models the throttle pickup from fully closed is jerky on "standard" and "a" modes but that is solved with a free ecu remap that comes standard in the later models. For the price, there is nothing else on the market like it. Not as refined as some of the more expensive models from the competition but I guess that is why it's cheaper. Maximum grin factor though. :)
  4. One of these will be mine one day I swear it
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  5. I think so too!
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