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Yamaha MT-09 pricing released

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Nov 1, 2013.

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  2. Here,"a" borrow it for your thread title.:)
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  3. HA! Or even H.
  4. Superduke 1290 is only $23500+ orc I know this because I ordered mine today, you know, a man's naked bike
  5. ^^ oooh !
  6. Oooh indeed!
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  7. How nice for you!
  8. I think at $12K ride away that bike's gonna fly out the door. 2 Guys at work already booked test rides.
  9. Such a shame it's not styled very well imo.

    The 3 parts of the bike don't gel together well (rear, middle, front) like they're off 3 different bikes.

    I reckon if the ducktail was thicker it would help balance it more.

    Good price though and if the engine is as good as the Triumph (Speed/Street) it should be fun to ride
  10. I beg to differ, but different strokes hey. I think it's pretty well designed for a UJM
  11. Has anyone seen the MT09 in the flesh or own one?

    I have been researching them for a while now, and have been saving some coin; however, I am yet to see one up close.

    I was hoping to see one on display down at the Superbikes at PI, but no Yamaha display :mad:

    Only thing that I am doubtful about is the size of the bike for me to fit comfortable, I am 6' and around 90kg.

    If you have one or ridden one, what are your thoughts?

  12. seen 2 up close look good both owners were happy one is a very experienced rider your size is about rite for the bike but the only way you will know is go and ride one
  13. Looks like I am going to have to travel the 4 hours to either Melb or Syd for a test ride?
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  15. Nice write up!
    I might sit for awhile and see what Mr Yamaha does to improve things.

    Good to see an honest review, not the sponsored magazine perspective.
  16. My pleasure :D
  17. No ABS in Yammies is a let down for me. I luv Yamaha design and the ride. I am not a pro rider so ABS is pretty important.
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    I'm a touch over 6ft and 115 and have no issues, seat gets a bit ordinary after 150km or so if you don't stop. Front brake lines are terrible, braided is the way to go. And order an exhaust also, it's stupid quiet.
    I'm also fitting some pro tapers soon to bring myself forward a bit. Steering dampener would be handy also.
    I had her bring the front wheel up today at over 100 with throttle alone while leaning over the front.
  19. 115 fark you're old
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  20. My first impressions after a a good fang, but by no means a review.

    6'1" 120kg - very comfortable for me

    An inexperienced rider could get themselves into some serious trouble with this bike it is so unassuming, it looks and feels (sitting on it) like it should be some under powered LAMS bike, but the power for such a small light bike is insanely fun.

    the switch controls certainly weren't design with man sized hands in mind, the buttons are all very small and the horn is very close to the indicators signalling right or cancelling often results in a toot... not such an issue for me as I don't often indicate ;)

    the whole "throttle is snatchey" thing is a load of shit - Admittedly I've been riding a VFR with ride by wire for 2 years so it is nothing new to me the throttle is "Responsive" and by that i mean instantly responsive and by that i mean it is fcuking "A" maybe that is why they called it "A" mode??? if you are someone who chops the throttle on and off your gonna hate it, and will leave it in "B" mode, which still delivers full power you just have to twist the throttle a bit further as the delivery is more progressive as opposed to instant and linear.

    I've done nothing to the suspension and I haven't checked to see if the shop did anything during PD but to me it was acceptable with the following notes:
    - The chassis is very easy to upset in a turn
    - The rear can get bouncy on a rough corner but dragging the rear brake helped/eliminated this on the roughest of corners
    - the front dives big time with hard braking

    the brakes.... I'm not going to say much as it is a brand new bike the pads are bedding they were weak to start with but are getting stronger.

    this bike pulls, and pulls, and pulls... it doesn't matter what gear, there is nothing I can say to describe how hard this bike pulls, you just have to ride one for yourself.

    The front end gets light real easy under power, i even got a bit of a speed wobble at around 150km/h probably more due to the wind buffering my chest and arms, getting down low solved this.

    the sound is awesome I'm not someone who likes noise for noise sake, this thing just sounds nice.

    When the bikes run in, I've set up the suspension and got a few thousand km's in I'll give a bit of a review
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