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Yamaha MT-07LA & MT-07HO

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Michelle33, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I don't suppose anybody here has test ridden both the MT-07 Lams & the new MT-07 HO. Just wondering how much more the HO version gives vs the Lams?
    Would like ABS, but only the Lams version has this.
    And the HO only comes in one colour :(

  2. May I suggest the MT-09. MT-09 has ABS as standard. I test rode MT-07 and MT-09 both. The only reason I considered MT-07 was cause it was 3k cheaper than the 09 but after the test ride I just couldn't get my mind off the niner so I stretched budget and got the niner. Now I'm broke but have a smile every time I ride :)
  3. Yamaha dealers can order you any of the available colours for ~$400 extra. Its literally a few panels that need to be exchanged and you can do it yourself. The dealer might be able to swap from a second hand one etc. they'll help you get the colour you want if you think +$400 is worth it.
  4. The comparison specs are here Larger capacity Yamaha MT-07 arrives | MCNews.com.au
    • 655cc LAMs model produces 52.1PS@8000rpm, 57.5Nm@4000rpm
    • 689cc HO model produces 74.8PS@9000rpm, 68.0Nm@6500rpm
    So the HO model has about 40% more power and 20% more torque, if you were unrestricted then spending an extra $400 seems like a no brainer.
  5. More power is better, that's what you want, don't need that abs fog blanket. The HO is the non-hobbled international version, wouldn't be surprised if abs is offered on it soon anyway.
    This man makes a good point I know people who have mt09s, they love em.
  6. That depends on your weight and how hard you push it.

    The MT09 is a great bike but the front end is very soft, if you are 50 to 70kgs it's going to be great but much more and it gets annoying after a while. The MT07HO is a better balanced bike in stock form but then it is sort of MT09 version 1.5 so they had time to sort it.

    Triple scream is intoxicating as is torque everywhere.
  7. I'm 85kg and front end of my MT09 doesn't bother me, I'm sure it could be improved but it's not stopping me from enjoying the bike, I've done over 15000kms on it with lots of multi day trips @ 500km/day, no bother.
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  8. Hi guys, First post (go easy on me)
    Picking up my MT-07 lams in a few days ..did consider my options from R-3 MT-07 and HO..MT-09 and Tracer. I have a full license.
    For now I'm happy with MT07..with a good understanding that my resale return in a few years will hold well.
    MT-09 and Tracer scared the crap out of me..
    MT-HO i believe will drop in value
    As for ABS its going to be the normal on all bikes soon so i might as well get used to it.
    smiles and fun will be around for many years to come.
    For me Big is not better..in a few years it might!!
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  9. Thanks everyone. The MT-09 is just that little bit taller & heavier - I am 5' and even the 07 is on the limits for me. Considering the Vulcan S as it fits well, but really iffy on cruisers. And the MT-07 appeals with the torque/lightness. I usually ride with two ZX-14's so need a little help :p
    I have my full licence, but have only ridden 8000k so still consider myself inexperienced. My current bike does not have ABS and I have had two emergency stops, one on a corner (bloody cyclists !) without drama. Good bike the VTR250. If the HO comes out with ABS next year well and good.
    My only issue with the HO colour is the blue wheels/frame lol. Can always powder coat the wheels I suppose. I did have my heart set on the red one, and I like the yellow as well.
    Bit of a 1st world problem really - at least I am shopping for a new bike :)
  10. Paint not powder coat, it chips on wheels.
  11. Oh does it Nihilil ? Did not know. Actually my son is just in process of painting his ZX-14 wheels black - thought it was powder coat. Be interesting to see how that stands up.
    So, two pack paint I presume ?
  12. Hi Michelle - I have ridden both the MT-09 and the MT-07 HO over here in UK - and we had ABS fitted to the 07 by Yamaha - as an optional extra. For your height and experience, the MT-07 would be an excellent choice - it has a low riding position and is quite narrow across the saddle as well - which allows you to make the most of your height. I would think just about the only thing lower would be a Sportster. the MT-07 is light and responsive and can be very swift - but easy, so easy, to ride that I reckon you will enjoy the extra available power without it being a worry. We rent bikes as a business and customer feedback has been very positive too. Here in UK, there are some rider training schools that use this bike specifically because it is so good at everything. MCN voted it best bike of all classes in Nov 2014. I'd say that you are on the right track. Ours is the yellow one - looks very sharp.
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  13. The MT-09 doesn't have abs standard. I think only the purple ones came with abs as standard. Other colours it is an optional extra. At least that's what they told me at the dealer.
    I test rode both the 07 lams and 09 and went with the 09. It was scary at first but after the 2015 spec ecu flash it's a much better bike to ride. Just have to respect the power and be smooth.
    I'm sure you'll be happy with the mt-07 in either lams spec or the high output model. :)
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  14. I spoke to PS in Melbourne this week. He was saying that they don't know if and when they'll get another shipment of the MT07 HO's, if at all. Maybe trying the hard sell. I'd seriously consider the HO if it had ABS. I want something I can pillion with, and doesn't look the MT09's up to that.
  15. ^ MT09 Tracer?
  16. I'm in the middle of making this same choice. No ABS on the MT-07 HO is a bit of a head-scratcher in my opinion
  17. IMO Abs can help a lot. MT-09 is the first bike I owned with ABS and when buying it I didn't think ABS is that important but now I love it. The rear brake ABS got triggered 2 times during wet conditions before I fully got used to the bike. If that didn't happen I would always think I would be capable of releasing the rear brake when I feel the rear wheel lock up but now I think otherwise. All in all no matter how good a rider you are ABS can assist and improve your chances in a bad situation. Just my 2 cents.
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  18. The MT-07 HO has ABS in Europe. It's unforgivable that it doesn't even come as an option in Australia. While riding my non-ABS previous bike, I broke my pelvis in two places. The incident wouldn't have happened if it had been an ABS bike.
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  19. But what about the stoppies? Will someone please think of the stoppies!?!

    You're right though. I don't have ABS on my MT09 and have locked the rear a few times being heavy footed. What it has taught me though is during my time on the ABS ninja I was probably too over zealous with the rear brake, and needed to re-learn how to do it. Also, without ABS on the MT09 I can get the rear wheel off the ground in a stop now.....gyeah.

    But to the OP.....I test rode a MT07HO and a MT09, went home with the 09. The price difference wasn't enough to warrant the smaller bike IMHO. There needed to be a good 3k gap between bikes, and as the 07 was relatively new the deals weren't as good as the 09 bridging the price gap further. Both were great bikes.

    In terms of the suspension on the MT09.......yeah well it does have limits. I often ride hard, and can get to the limit of the suspension pretty swiftly. I'm around 6 foot and around 80kgs. My brother has a street triple R and yeah, the suspension on that is waaaay better.

    That said, within 12 months I'll have a complete Ohlins front and rear suspension setup......and THEN we'll see who is quicker around track. The motor of the 09 is a pure dream.
  20. Cool. Keep us upto date on the suspension update. Anyway what do you think about the Andreani cartridges for the front. The reason I'm asking is they seem to be more affordable.
    Andreani Group sito ufficiale

    You are correct about the being heavy footed on rear brakes. I have also started being heavy footed since I have ABS as backup to save me if I go too strong on rear brakes. I kind of like it for city riding. Cause when I'm riding in city I cover both front and rear brakes cause... well you know why :). When I do that it's so easy to slip and go too hard on the rear brakes on e braking. I"m glad I have the ABS in situations like that.